October 20, 2017
Janet Jackson 'Shocking' 70-Lb Weight Loss From Plastic Surgery Or Diet? Here's Exactly How She Shaped Up

Janet Jackson has been sizzling on stage during her tour, sharing her pride in her reported 70-pound weight loss in her Instagram photos. However, despite several reports on how Janet achieved her newly slim shape after the birth of her baby, rumors are swirling that Jackson secretly underwent plastic surgery to boost her weight loss.

Janet Jackson Becomes Celebrity Weight Loss Winner

If an official Celebrity Weight Loss Winner Hall of Fame existed, Janet would be a definite candidate for induction. Her personal trainer has even revealed details about Jackson's exercise plan, while multiple sources have shared specifics of Janet's diet.

But despite that, OK! Magazine claimed that Jackson's "shocking slim-down" is the result of a secret plastic surgery procedure, a claim that Gossip Cop investigated. Although many months have passed since Janet welcomed her baby, the publication claimed shock over her post-pregnancy weight-loss success.

"There was a collective gasp about the massive amount of weight, more than 70 pounds, the 51-year-old star has lost since giving birth to son Eissa in January."

Noting that Jackson looks "incredibly trim" now, the magazine termed it "rare" for a woman over 50 to achieve her weight-loss goals so quickly without resorting to plastic surgery. That led to the publication's assertion that Janet turned to a surgeon's trained hands to shape up rather than a personal trainer or nutritionist.

However, the evidence for the plastic surgery rumors seems sketchy, noted Gossip Cop.

Janet Jackson: Mommy Makeover Magic Or Old-Fashioned Diet And Exercise?

In addition to boosting the rumors by speculating that Jackson experienced a "little surgical help" with her weight loss, the magazine quoted an insider's allegations.

"Everyone's buzzing that Janet had a 'mommy makeover,' [such as a] tummy tuck."

A plastic surgeon told the publication that mommy makeover types of procedures "are common for celebrities after giving birth." However, despite the surgeon's comments and the alleged insider's claims, a rep for Jackson told Gossip Cop that Janet did not have plastic surgery.

Ironically, the speculation about the mommy makeover comes after another tabloid pondered whether Jackson was "doomed to be fat forever" because her pregnancy weight gain still showed in February. That was just a month after she gave birth. Now, in contrast, there are rumors that Janet underwent plastic surgery because of her weight loss. Can Janet ever win when it comes to the tabloids' tales about her size?

Janet's Trainer Shares Secrets Of Singer's Slim Success

Jackson has combined singing and dancing on tour for four decades, and she's succeeding again on her "State of the World" tour. Taking on these tasks for the first time since she welcomed her son in January, Janet got help from trainer Paulette Sybliss, reported Well and Good.

Janet Jackson sizzles on stage and off stage after her 70-pound weight loss.
Janet Jackson sizzles on stage and off stage after her 70-pound weight loss. [Image by Francois Nel/Getty Images]

Jackson's celebrity trainer admitted that her client wasn't always thrilled to work out, but she committed to her fitness regime.

"Was Janet happy to see me every day? No. Did she give me 100 percent every time? Yes."

Sybliss attributed Jackson's toned body and weight loss success to an intense weight-training regime rather than cardio workouts. By using weight-training moves, Janet kept herself inside "the fat-burning zone, so you have that aftereffect, too," explained Paulette.

Janet Jackson's Diet And Four Moves For Weight Loss

Sybliss shared that she kept Jackson focused on four particular moves. She recommends performing 12 to 15 reps of each move. Perform all four moves one after another as a circuit, repeating the circuit four times for each workout.

The four moves include squats using a chair, push-ups keeping your hands wide apart, body weight lunges with alternate legs, and abdominal crunches lifting the shoulders and reaching toward your feet. To make a move more challenging, move more slowly.

In addition to her exercise regime, Janet took on the challenge of dieting as a new mom for the first time. Jackson used a combination of diet approaches, reportedly cleaning out her pantry to focus on a clean eating plan. At one point during her weight loss, Janet was rumored to have gone on a juice diet, as the Inquisitr noted.

Another phrase of Jackson's weight loss focused on eating lean protein and vegetables. She also reportedly turned to a "super cleanse" diet to achieve her current 70-pound weight loss success.

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