October 20, 2017
NFL Fans Want Green Bay Packers To Sign Colin Kaepernick, Petition Gets Over 20,000 Signatures

The Green Bay Packers needed a new quarterback after Aaron Rodgers broke his right collarbone, and NFL fans have the perfect QB in mind. They are petitioning the Packers to sign Colin Kaepernick and thousands have already given their signatures.

Bring Kaepernick To The Packers

The petition was started by a Packers fan in California, and as of writing, it has already gathered over 20,000 signatures.
"Aaron Rodgers is possibly out for the rest of the season but there's a Wisconsin-born QB who should be on our team! Lets makes sure the organization know we support Kaepernick to the Packers!"
Once it reached the target of 25,000 signatures, the petition will be sent to the Green Bay Packers and the NFL, according to GiveMeSport.

Signing Kaepernick would be a solution to a couple of problems the NFL is facing, one of which is the collusion issue, as Toronto Star's Damien Cox pointed out. Kaepernick's allegedly being blackballed because of his bold protests against social injustice. The 29-year-old free agent plans to pursue a legal complaint against the league. On Sunday, he filed a collusion grievance under the league's Collective Bargaining Agreement.

"Give him a job, and a lot of players who have been kneeling will rise to their feet again when the anthem plays. It's called defusing a volatile situation," Cox wrote.

Packers Not Interested In Kaepernick

Unfortunately, it seems that the petition would not be successful in getting the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback a job with the Packers. The Packers have basically expressed they have zero interest in bringing Kaepernick to the team. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that he has years invested in Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan, the two QBs they have under contract, and that they are committed to the path they are on right now. Hundley will be the starting QB and Callahan will be his backup, McCarthy said.

The Packers have also signed rookie quarterback Jerod Evans in light of Rodgers' injury after a heavy hit from Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. Rodgers had surgery on Thursday and might miss the rest of the season. The team is yet to decide on whether Rodgers will remain on their roster and will be placed on injured reserve. McCarthy said he is not yet considering that, as he is focused on Aaron's health as of now. He added that Rodgers is a huge part of the team's success and losing a great player like him definitely hurts.

[Featured Image by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]