October 20, 2017
Prince Harry's Gal Pal Meghan Markle Needs Style Redo For Queen's OK, But Feuding Kate Middleton Won't Help?

Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle have sparked a series of never-ending rumors about the state of their romance. Is Harry on the verge of proposing to Meghan, or has the prince's desire to become engaged to Markle been blocked by the Powers That Be at the Palace, such as the Queen, Kate Middleton, and Camilla Parker Bowles? Several reports have claimed that the powerful trio disapproves of Harry's choice to turn his romance with Meghan into a forever fairy tale that features a royal wedding.

Meghan Markle's Style: Casual Chic In America Translates To Shocking For Royal Family?

While Markle herself may not give a crumpet for how the Queen and the rest of the royal family feel about her appearance, Prince Harry is a member of royalty himself. As such, Hollywood Take noted that Meghan appears to be in desperate need of a complete style makeover in order to win the Queen's approval.
"Ripped jeans, untucked shirts and PDA photos may soon be a thing of the past for brunette beauty Meghan Markle."
Harry and Meghan moved one step closer to announcing their engagement in partaking in a formal, elegant tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. But even though the prince gallantly escorted Markle into his royal grandmother's private sitting room for their exclusive tea, Harry reportedly needs to find a tactful way of telling his girlfriend about the stylish changes needed for royal approval.

Prince Harry's Challenge: Order Girlfriend To Junk Jeans, Or Beg Kate Middleton For Help?

It's thought that the highly publicized tea among the Queen, Prince Harry, and Meghan is a significant milestone in the progress of his relationship. But that doesn't mean that Markle has been accepted yet, pointed out the publication.
"It's widely expected that the Queen will expect her 33-year-old grandson and Markle to make changes if the Suits actress is going to enter the royal family."
For the prince, it may be time to call in the experts. And there's one expert in particular who truly knows the inside scoop about what it takes to win the Queen's approval: Kate Middleton.

Kate famously was rumored to have been ordered by the Queen herself to change her attire. When Middleton appeared in public wearing frocks with somewhat short hemlines, her Royal Majesty made her displeasure known.

Kate Middleton Infamously Ordered By Queen To Lower Hemlines

Kate received style orders directly from the Queen after Middleton was observed on a day trip that she and Prince William made to Australia and New Zealand. In addition to being advised to wear a "couture wardrobe of day dresses with lower hemlines," Kate received a challenge about her shoes, according to an insider cited by the publication.
"The Queen isn't a fan of wedged shoes. She really doesn't like them and it's well known among the women in the family."
But is Prince Harry's girlfriend aware of these royal views about style? Meghan shocked royal observers when she informed Vanity Fair that she was wild about Harry, telling the publication that she and the prince are "two people who are really happy and in love."

She did admit that being critiqued by the tabloids had its "challenges." But despite finding it "surprising" about the intensity of the spotlight, Markle praised her support system, which of course includes Harry.

Queen To Meghan: Channel Your Inner Princess

Even beyond talking about her love for the prince so candidly in that interview, Meghan's wardrobe has ranked as the most "shocking" aspect of her relationship with Harry, pointed out the publication. She appears to have no desire to channel her inner princess, not even for her prince charming.
"Time and again, Markle has made it clear she's not reinventing herself for the rugged royal. Photographed in short skirts and distressed denim, the 36-year-old stunner hardly looks like a princess."
It's thought that behind the scenes, the Queen is not happy about Meghan's style. Prince Harry reportedly is somewhat aware of the situation, even asking some of the royal senior aides to advise his girlfriend on challenges such as protocol.

Kate Middleton has the knowledge of how to win the Queen's style approval, but will she take on the task of advising Prince Harry's girlfriend?
Kate Middleton has the knowledge of how to win the Queen's style approval, but will she take on the task of advising Prince Harry's girlfriend? [Image by Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images]

However, nothing thus far has provided Markle with the fashion makeover that the Queen reportedly thinks she needs. Kate Middleton seems the obvious style adviser, with Camilla Parker Bowles as a possible second choice, but will either woman step up to the challenge and become Meghan's fashion version of a fairy godmother?

Kate Middleton, Camilla Parker Bowles Still Feuding With Meghan Markle & Prince Harry?

Kate is Prince Harry's sister-in-law, while Camilla is his stepmother, making both women possible candidates to help out Harry by advising his girlfriend on proper royal style. But the UK Daily Star reported that Middleton and Parker Bowles are feuding themselves over who shall replace the Queen (Kate reportedly wants William, while Camilla is pushing for Charles). And despite that alleged feud, Kate's and Camilla's dislike for Markle reportedly is so strong that the two have teamed up to block the actress from becoming Harry's wife.

With Parker Bowles reportedly leading the royal family's disapproval of Meghan, Middleton is rumored to have joined Camilla in the battle. Kate's reason for her alleged stance against Prince Harry's girlfriend? She reportedly is upset that her own third pregnancy is being ignored because of Harry's and Meghan's romance.

What do you think of the claims about the Queen's disapproval of Markle's style? Should Camilla and Kate let go of their royal feud to advise Meghan on the proper style for becoming Prince Harry's royal wife? Share your views below.

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