September 27, 2017
Kristina Schulman Speaks Out Against Dean Unglert Explains Why He Is A Bad Boyfriend

Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman didn't work out after Bachelor in Paradise and now she is speaking out explaining exactly why he is a bad boyfriend. Us Magazine shared what Kristina had to say about it all. There was a lot of talk about Dean possibly becoming The Bachelor and it looks like the way he was on Bachelor in Paradise may have kept him from getting the job.

Dean has a new podcast that is called Help! I Suck at Dating. He invited Kristina to come on the podcast and they talked about how he does suck at dating. She explained to him what she thinks of his dating ways. Kristina started out sharing that when he is early in a relationship he doesn't have a lot to say and is joking around. She shared that he has a pretty big wall up and when you get past that he does have a lot to say.

Kristina had something else to say to Dean. She thinks that he likes to sugarcoat things and honestly that isn't always the right way to do things. She really does feel like it is better to find out the truth right away and not find out later because someone like Dean kept you in the dark. Obviously, she was talking about how Dean had feelings for Danielle and not just her.

Dean Unglert and Kristina Schulman have still been talking to each other, but it doesn't look like they are getting back together. You never know what will happen in the future, though. Dean shared earlier this month that they are just casually talking right now. On the podcast, he told her that he would talk to her again soon "obviously." It would be pretty surprising to everyone if Dean and Kristina ended up together again, but you never know what will happen.

Are you shocked to hear that Dean Unglert had Kristina Schulman on podcast to talk about it? Do you feel like she was right about what she had to say to Dean? Sound off in the comments below, and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr. starting in January of 2018 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Leon Bennett/Getty Images]