September 27, 2017
Trump On Howard Stern: No Melania Dirty Talk, Barron Germ Fears, Ivanka's Conversion, Rosie O'Donnell's Cake

The interviews between President Donald Trump and Howard Stern over the years have been so enlightening that the audio has been removed from as of this writing. However, the transcripts of Trump's interviews given to Stern are still online as of this writing. In the transcript titled "Interview: Donald Trump on The Howard Stern Show - October 10, 2007" currently on, Trump talks about everything from his intimate time with Melania, to his fear of then baby Barron's germs, to his ex-wife Marla Maples, and what happened when Rosie O'Donnell reportedly attended their wedding.

At the time of Trump's interview, Barron was a 19-month-old toddler. Trump called Melania a wonderful mother who took care of the baby while Trump paid all the costs. Trump admitted that it has "never been my thing" to sit at home with a baby, and Stern brought up Trump's fear of germs. Asking if Trump was afraid to touch Barron, Trump admitted that when Barron had a cold, he kept the little boy away from him.

"The other day came back he was playing with little children in the park, all little-spoiled kids like him. And he came back and I saw -- I noticed there was a little sniffle just a very slight sniffle. I wanted nothing to do with that."
Trump also spoke about his other children, calling Tiffany Trump a smart girl with great grades. Trump said he thought Ivanka Trump was prettier than Charlize Theron. Trump refused to say which of his children was his favorite as Stern goaded him to do so. Stern joked with Trump about marrying Ivanka and making Melania his stepmother. Howard asked if he was too "Jewy" to be with Ivanka, and Trump continually said no. As Trump joked with Stern about marrying Ivanka, Trump also spoke of Ivanka's real-life boyfriend at the time and predicted her conversion to Judaism.
"No I tell you, Ivanka has -- she's really become a great beauty, but she's also really smart and she's doing very well. And then we'll get Ivanka to convert."

Donald Trump Said Rosie O'Donnell Came to His Wedding to Marla Maples and Ate A Lot of Cake

Trump talked about his feud with Rosie O'Donnell and claimed that Rosie attended his wedding to Marla Maples at the Trump Plaza Hotel, in New York City, on December 19, 1993.

Marla Trump wedding
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Rosie allegedly attended the wedding and ate a lot of cake, according to Trump, who used disparaging words about O'Donnell in the interview.

"She was at the wedding and I got extremely angry because she ate almost the entire wedding cake. And not as my guest. Actually, she was more friendly with Marla. I don't even know why she was at the wedding. I don't think Marla even knew her. I don't know. For some reason she came to the wedding."
Meanwhile, Melania's body was praised by Trump, who talked about how quickly she snapped back into shape after Barron's birth. When Stern asked Trump if he talked dirty to Melania, Trump said he didn't.
Stern: "Do you talk dirty in bed when you're with Melania?"

Trump: "No I don't."

Trump continued to call Melania's body one of the best he has ever seen.
"No one of the best. You know about 15 seconds after the baby came she went back to the normal way."
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