September 27, 2017
Who Got Voted Off 'Survivor' Season 35 Tonight? 'Survivor' Premiere Results

The Survivor Season 35 premiere tonight showed the new castaways move into their new homes. It may have been Night 1 on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, but the drama came already. So, who got voted off Survivor Season 35 tonight? Find out the Survivor results from tonight below.

Heading into tonight, we knew there would be 18 new castaways split into three tribes. From there, they would do the normal premiere stuff, like grab supplies, build shelter, and set up their camp. The season will bring the drama, as previews for tonight already show a fight at the Healers camp.

The Tribes

Jeff Probst met the castaways on a boat, as he informed them they are divided into three tribes, which is based on the positive attribute that people relate to them. The tribes are Heroes, Healers, and Hustlers. After getting their buffs, Jeff put them to work. They gathered supplies on the boat and then paddled to the shore. The first tribe that got to the beach and get their torch lit acquired a fire-making kit back at camp. The second tribe got flint to start a fire and the last place tribe got nothing. Healers Tribe won, with Heroes Tribe coming in second and Hustlers Tribe not even making it to the beach.

Building Camps

The castaways got to their camp to build shelters and get things set up. On Heroes, viewers saw an alliance form already between Ben, Alan, Ashley, and JP. While searching for supplies, Ryan from the Hustlers Tribe found an advantage. He finally got time to read it, as it is a "Super Immunity Idol." This had to be used at the first tribal council and allows Ryan to save someone after the votes are read. If the Hustlers Tribe does not lose on first challenge, then Ryan must send the idol to someone on the losing tribe. Ryan shared the news of the idol with Devon, as they formed an early alliance, and Ryan said he would use it on Devon, if need be.

Idol Drama

On the Healers Tribe, Mike went out to get firewood. While doing so, he looked for a hidden immunity idol. He did not find one, but Joe is confident that he did and confronted him on it. He pretty much tried to bully Mike into saying he found it, so Mike is watching out for him.

Then on the Heroes Tribe, Alan thought JP and Ashley have something going on. Alan confronted JP about him having an idol and even made him strip down to prove he didn't. JP and Ashley wanted to work with Alan on Survivor Season 35, but this paranoia turned them off to that idea.

Immunity Challenge

For this challenge, they raced up a cargo net and then pulled up a heavy cart and rode it down to the bottom. There, they found a choice of three table mazes. First tribe got to choose any of the three mazes and then second tribe got a pick of the remaining two. Once that maze was done, they climbed a set of steps and had to complete another maze by getting all three of their balls through the maze. The first two tribes won immunity and the losing tribe headed to tribal council on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.


This was a very close race on Survivor Season 35, as all three tribes were working on their final ball at the same time. Healers Tribe took first place, with Hustlers Tribe taking second place. That meant the Heroes Tribe was headed to tribal council tonight.


Heroes Tribe now had to work out who they would target tonight on Survivor Season 35. Alan does not trust JP and Ashley, so he talked with Chrissy and Katrina about voting out Ashley, as they brought Ben into the mix. Alan was determined to blow up JP and Ashley's game. Meanwhile, Ryan's tribe won, so he willed the "Super Immunity Idol" to Chrissy.

Tribal Council

The castaways met Jeff Probst at tribal council. The talk went to Katrina and Chrissy feeling like outsiders on the tribe, as they are the older moms. It turned to Alan going crazy and calling out JP for having an idol, which he did not have. There was talk of a "power couple" on Survivor Season 35, which is Ashley and JP.


The talk ended and it was time to vote on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Jeff tallied the votes and it was Katrina voted out, as Chrissy did not use the "Super Immunity Idol." The tribe is definitely divided, so no clue why Chrissy did not elect to save a fellow mom and outsider on the tribe.
What did you think of the results on Survivor Season 35 tonight?

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