September 27, 2017
Tim Allen Says 'Roseanne' Revival Would Have Benefited From 'Last Man Standing,' But He's Too 'Dangerous'

Tim Allen thinks ABC made a big mistake by canceling Last Man Standing ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated Roseanne revival.

Allen has repeatedly complained about the cancellation of Last Man Standing, insisting that his political views had something to do with ABC's decision to give the series the ax. The show, which ran for six seasons, was centered on Mike Baxter (Allen), a conservative man living in a household full of women. Baxter did not shy away from parroting right-wing talking points, and Last Man Standing regularly took shots at P.C. culture. However, Baxter and his more liberal-minded family members managed to coexist without swearing to never speak to one another again.

Tim Allen believes that Baxter was a sympathetic character, and this had something to do with why ABC decided to cancel Last Man Standing. He continued airing his grievances with the network during a recent Norm MacDonald Live interview.

"There is nothing more dangerous, especially in this climate, than a funny, likable conservative character," Allen said.

However, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Tim Allen previously claimed that actors and actresses who don't share his political views were the real danger, comparing his non-conservative fellow thespians to Nazis.

"You've gotta be real careful around here," he said. "You get beat up if don't believe what everybody believes. … This is like '30s Germany."

Roseanne Barr's political views may be even more right-wing than Tim Allen's, but this didn't stop ABC from deciding to launch a revival of her popular '90s TV series centered on a blue-collar family living in the Midwest. As reported by the Daily Beast, Barr is a Trump fan who uses her Twitter page to endorse alt-right viewpoints and spread conspiracy theories cooked up by controversial figures like Alex Jones. During his interview with MacDonald, Allen did not attempt to explain why ABC execs would take issue with his political views and not Barr's. Instead, he criticized the network for not keeping Last Man Standing on long enough to use it as a lead-in for the Roseanne revival, which will debut midseason in 2018.

"I would have put Roseanne after us. Launch Roseanne, launch any show you want," Allen said. "Use us just to launch shows, if nothing else. It's hard. I have no idea why they did what they did."

As People reports, ABC has insisted that Tim Allen's politics had nothing to do with the cancellation of Last Man Standing. According to ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey, it simply wasn't possible to create room for the show on the network's new schedule.

During his interview with Norm MacDonald, Tim Allen compared his Last Man Standing character to Archie Bunker, talked about how much he hates children and loves religion, and expressed frustration that he doesn't know an acceptable term for referring to little people, whom he has settled on calling "Game of Thrones dude-sized." MacDonald also revealed that he's a member of the Roseanne revival writing staff. Check it out below.

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