September 27, 2017
Anila Daulatzai Video: Southwest Airlines Passenger Kicked Off Plane, 46, Is Islamic Women's Studies Professor

Anila Daulatzai is a 46-year-old woman who was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday, but unlike other airline passengers who've gone viral for getting roughly kicked off of airplanes, Anila isn't receiving much sympathy online. According to the Los Angeles Times, Daulatzai began complaining about allergies to therapy dogs that were on the Southwest Airlines flight that was headed to Los Angeles. Hailing from Baltimore, Anila reportedly wanted the two dogs to get kicked off the plane. Instead, Daulatzai would be the one asked to leave the Southwest Airlines plane that was sitting at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport when the incident occurred.

Anila refused to leave the plane, and that's when the viral video of Daulatzai began recording. As can be seen in the video below, Anila was already yelling back at the officers attempting to take her off the plane when the video begins. The overhead announcement on the Southwest Airlines plane asked passengers to stop recording video of the incident with their phones, since the authorities said they had a job to do. But that didn't stop folks from capturing video footage of Daulatzai being removed from the Southwest Airlines flight. The Southwest passengers can be heard saying that it was their right to record the incident on video.

Daulatzai kept asking the officers what they were doing, and appeared to keep stopping in different areas. Anila complained that the men had ripped her pants. One officer tells Daulatzai to fix her pants and walk. Anila claims that she couldn't walk. The Southwest Airlines passengers seemed to grow frustrated, with some telling the officers to calm down, but plenty more were telling Daulatzai to walk off the plane and file a complaint later. "Show them you can walk," one woman tells Daulatzai.

Daulatzai was arrested and faced disorderly conduct charges, along with other charges of disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and hindering officers. Anila was removed from the Southwest Airlines flight by the captain's request. Anila yelled that her father had to undergo surgery.

"My dad has surgery tomorrow!"
Already, Daulatzai is being called a woman of color by Vogue, and the fact that Daulatzai didn't produce paperwork stating she had a life-threatening animal allergy as she claimed isn't winning her many fans. Daulatzai is listed on the Harvard University website as a "Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Islamic Studies." Anila indeed yelled that she was a professor on the Southwest flight. She also reportedly demanded an EpiPen.
Daulatzai reportedly went against Southwest's policy, which states that people with life-threatening allergies need to notify the gate agents in order to be seated far away from any animals onboard. Currently, Daulatzai is a teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Bill Dumas recorded the viral video.
Daulatzai is being accused of being combative on the Southwest flight, while others online accuse Anila of trying to go viral in order to sue Southwest Airlines.
[Featured Image by Mark Zaleski/AP Images]