September 27, 2017
Why Did Jared Kushner Register To Vote As A Woman?

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, registered to vote as a woman. News of this comes to light after Wired received evidence that Ivanka Trump's husband checked the box that he was a female on his voter registration form in New York.

According to the report, records from the New York State Board of Elections show that Jared Corey Kushner is a woman. His party affiliation also stated "none declared." The registration date on the form was November 24, 2009.

What was the reason for Jared Kushner registering to vote as a woman? The report presents this very question, listing off different reasons for it. Did Kushner used to be a woman? Did he check the wrong box on the form when he meant to register as a man? Was it a case of someone impersonating him? There's no real answer, but it's believed that the former real estate executive most likely made a mistake when he meant to check the box that he's a male.

The subject of Jared Kushner having to fill out his security clearance forms three times was brought up in the report. He not only failed to specify communications he had with foreign contacts -- especially those regarding Russia -- but dates of his graduate degrees were wrong and his father-in-law's address was omitted. Kushner claimed that his staff hit send on the forms before they were completed.

American Bridge is a liberal opposition research group that was the first to spot Jared Kushner's voter registration mix-up. Spokesman Brad Bainum remarked that the president's trusted senior adviser "can't even fill out the most basic paperwork without screwing it up, so it's a mystery why anyone thinks he's somehow going to bring peace to the Middle East." He adds that it's unlikely anyone else would still have a job in the West Wing after multiple errors on disclosure documents and security clearance forms.

Does the fact that Jared Kushner registered to vote as a woman amount to voter fraud? There's not much chance of that since it doesn't seem intentional, says Loyola Law School professor Justin Levitt. If Kushner knowingly registered as a woman for whatever reason, then it could be deemed voter fraud. However, at the most, it would've had a "negligible effect on the determination of his eligibility, and so wouldn't amount to much anyway," Levitt explains.

The Hill reports that prior to 2009, Kushner's New Jersey voter registration form had the gender filled out as "unknown."

Jared Kushner has yet to comment on the issue.

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