September 27, 2017
Popular Beach In Italy Temporarily Shut Down After Batch Of Adult 'Toys' Wash Ashore

Young children who were hoping to enjoy a day in the sun at a popular beach in Italy were forced to sit on the sidelines after a collection of adult-themed sex toys washed ashore its coastline.

Writers for NewNowNext note that the naughty encounter occurred just recently when a group of volunteer workers for the Licola Mare Clean Association discovered a "deluge" of phallic-shaped adult toys on the sand of a beach located near a monastery in Naples.

The freaky find of sex toys reportedly occurred at a beach surrounding the Hermitage of Camaldoli, The Sun adds, located on Italy's western coast, and caused the volunteer workers to, in the words of one employee who asked the media not to name them, "laugh, because we could not do [much of] anything else."

Umberto Mercurio, the president of the Licola Mare Clean Association, told The Sun that due to the way the current of the sea flows, strange discoveries on the shoreline of the Hermitage of Camaldoli were pretty commonplace.

"A lot of rubbish frequently ends up in the beauty spot," writers for The Sun reported, with Mr. Mercurio also adding, "This channel leads to the very end of its course."

italy sex toys
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Reporters for CinemaBlend expanded on the past and present instances of random objects, such as the sex toys, and occasional animal carcasses, turning up on the shoreline of the beach in Italy, stating, "reportedly, the people in the region are rather used to the sight of trash washing up at this point, and as unexpected as the scene was, it was not completely outside the norm."

"In fact," CinemaBlend continues, "there are reports of people finding things as strange as containers of animal feed and industrial waste. Dead animals sometimes wash up on the beach, and once people even found live rabbits. Still, nothing could prepare them for a load of sex toys."

italy sex toys
Children hoping to enjoy a popular beach in Italy were forced to sit on the sidelines after a batch of sex toys washed ashore its coastline. [Image by Imgorthand/iStock]

To avoid the risk of possibly exposing any visiting children to the sight of the "mature" and risque objects, officials in the Hermitage of Camaldoli immediately blocked access to the sandy beach to those who were underage, while efforts to remove the sex toys from the beach in Italy were underway.

As of this post, there was no word on when the beach would reopen to the children, or just how many sex toys had turned up on the beach in Italy. Additionally, there was no word given on any potential owners of the "mature" objects.

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