September 27, 2017
Trump Tells Howard Stern About Day He Stashed Mistress Marla Maples On Vacation With Wife Ivana & Kids

Much talk has surrounded the day that Donald Trump's then-mistress, Marla Maples, met face-to-face with Ivana Trump, who was still married to Donald at the time, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now that Trump's full interviews with Howard Stern have been released, the public can hear more about Trump speaking about that fateful day, as shown below. While many people might have thought that Marla confronting Ivana was some sort of coincidence, or that Maples was the stalker following Trump around for two years that Donald made her out to be, as reported by Gawker, Robin Quivers posits the theory that Trump actually brought Marla along on his family vacation to Aspen with his wife and kids, but he stashed Marla in a different hotel room. Trump doesn't deny Quivers' accusations.

It was Christmas in 1990, and according to Robin, Marla got fed up with sitting around in her hotel room and decided to get out on the ski slopes. Gawker reports various versions of the confrontation but notes that Ivana had a warning that Donald's mistress had joined their family vacation when Ivana picked up a phone in her hotel room and heard Donald speaking to someone else about a woman that Ivana thought was named "Moola."

Warning: The following video may contain offensive language.

In the interview with Stern and Quivers from April 11, 2002, Donald joked about putting Ivana and Marla in the ring for a celebrity fight. Donald called the prospect of Marla and Ivana getting in the boxing ring an interesting fight that he would likely see in person.
"I don't know that would be very interesting fight. That one I would probably go to watch."
According to reports about the incident, Marla and Ivana nearly came to blows and had a harsh exchange of words over Donald that day at the ski resort. Once Ivana discovered who Marla was - Maples was reportedly there with a girlfriend - Ivana and Marla went back and forth over who loved Donald the most. Meanwhile, Donald said that he was "standing on the mountain in Aspen like an idiot" as the two women exchanged words and verbally fought for his love.

Ivana Trump and a rubber chicken. [Image by Mario Suriani/AP Images]

"But, you know Howard, you know, one story that I've never told. I was standing in the middle of these two. I was screaming and there's 500 people up at Little Nell's. And there's this big fat bald headed guy, nice guy, standing there, he must've weigh 400 lbs. And he said you know it could be worse, Mr. Trump I haven't had a girl in over 20 years. You know it make me feel a little bit better. But there was a very rough day."
Meanwhile, Trump told Howard that he took solace in the fact that an overweight man quipped to Donald that the situation could've been worse. While Trump had two women fighting over him, the obese man hadn't had a date in more than 20 years.
Eventually, Marla and Donald would divorce. Later, Trump married Melania Trump; a woman that Donald said cut his hair and cooked for him every night. Trump would go on to call Marla "too spiritual" for him. But back on that Christmas vacation, Marla was in love enough to verbally fight for Donald. Witnesses claim that Ivana and Donald argued in the wake of Ivana's confrontation with Marla. Stern joked that Trump was like a rock star for bringing Marla along on his family vacation. Stern also asked Trump where he would hide his new girlfriend after he married Melania.
"Isn't that the ultimate dope to take the family on vacation with the wife and then have your girlfriend stashed. You know only rock stars do that. When you're with Melania where will you hide the new one?"
For his part, Trump called it "a rather tough afternoon." As seen in the top photo above, Trump dipped Marla and kissed her in the wake of their wedding ceremony at New York's Plaza Hotel on December 20, 1992.
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