September 27, 2017
Prince William To Be King Over Charles? This Is What Actually Happens When Queen Elizabeth Dies

Between Prince Philip announcing his retirement and Queen Elizabeth II's advanced age, it's only a matter of time before the crown is up for grabs. But will Prince Charles or Prince William become King of England once Elizabeth passes on? While there has been plenty of speculation about who will take the throne, here's what will really happen when Queen Elizabeth dies.

According to News, Elizabeth's private secretary, Sr Christopher Geidt, will handle her death announcement and initiate the plan of succession. Geidt will first inform members of the royal family before calling the British prime minister using the code, "London Bridge is down." The secret code will kick off a complicated plan to inform other world leaders of the Queen's passing. The Global Response Center of the Foreign Office will call leaders in various countries where the Queen acts as head of state, including Canada, Australia, Belize, and the Bahamas.

While world leaders are being informed, the Press Association will receive a news alert about the Queen's death. The news will then trickle down to the general public through BBC and various social media platforms. Members of the news media will wear black clothes while covering the monarch's death and a 12-day mourning period will ensue. The Queen's funeral will take place around two weeks after her passing.

The biggest question, of course, is who will take the crown once Queen Elizabeth is gone. Prince Charles is first in line to the throne. Unless Charles abdicates, he will become the next King of England. Even if Elizabeth wants Prince William to inherit her crown, there are laws in place that grant Charles the right to sit on the throne if he chooses. The Queen reportedly has a tense relationship with her oldest son and has been grooming William to be King since her was born.

Prince William To Be King Over Charles? Queen Elizabeth Has A 'Prickly' Relationship With Her Oldest Son [Featured Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]
Queen Elizabeth has an incredibly close relationship with Prince William, and a reportedly 'prickly' one with Prince Charles. [Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]

There's no telling when Queen Elizabeth will die, though she has vowed to serve right up until the end of her life. According to E! Online, the death concerns surfaced after an emergency meeting was called at Buckingham Palace this week. Speculation quickly arose that Prince Philip had fallen ill and was on his deathbed. Fortunately, the reports were false, and Prince Philip was simply announcing his retirement from the public eye.

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[Featured Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]