September 27, 2017
'GH' Spoilers: Steve Burton On Why He Left 'Y&R', Talks About Port Charles Comeback

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease exciting months ahead with the return of Steve Burton to the cast of General Hospital to reprise his role as Jason 'Stone Cold' Morgan. The highly anticipated return of his character to Port Charles starts a new chapter for the daytime drama filled with intrigue, suspense and drama.

However, while General Hospital fans are happy to have Steve Burton back, many Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans are already missing him. Burton played the role of Dylan McAvoy on CBS' Young and the Restless for four years.

Burton opened up about why he left Young and the Restless in a recent interview published by Soap Opera Digest. He talked especially about some of the challenges he faced during his four-year stint with Young and the Restless.

He revealed that the major challenge he faced was the location. He lives with his family in Nashville, so he was forced to fly back and forth between the Los Angeles and Nashville when shooting with the daytime drama. The schedule was demanding because of the distance, Burton revealed.

He said the producers appreciated his problem and were very accommodating when he first started. However, they had a job to do, so as time went on the pressure on him increased.

"With Y&R, they were very generous with the schedule when I first started," he said. "When you're working around a guy or you can't work him on a certain day, it becomes a thorn in the side of people. That's just the bottom line."

Burton said he finally decided to give up his role as Dylan to end the stress of having to fly back and forth to be at his job and with his family.

Burton confirmed his return to General Hospital for a long stint. He also revealed that he and the producers have reached a mutually satisfying arrangement for his travel schedule. He is grateful to GH for their generosity.

Steve Burton also talked about buzz and rumors making the rounds about his behind-the-scenes relationship with Billy Miller who currently plays the role of Jason Morgan. Many fans imagine a rivalry between the two since Burton is returning to reprise the role that he originated but which Miller is currently playing.

Since Billy Miller took over the role of Jason Morgan from Burton after his departure, he has acquired a considerable fan base. Burton and Miller's fans have often clashed in online forums over supposedly contentious issues such as who portrays Jason Morgan better, Burton or Miller, or which is the "real" or "fake" Jason. The debates on social media sometimes degenerate into uncivil exchanges.

Many fans assume that the same rivalry exists on the set of the daytime drama between the two actors.

However, Burton denies the rumors and hearsay.

"People want there to be drama with Billy and me, but there just isn't!"
He insists there "just isn't" any rivalry between himself and Miller.

"I played the character for a long time and I created the character, but if you decide to leave, they can go do what they want," he told Soap Opera Digest. "You want to tell a story, so you're going to bring somebody else on."

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