September 27, 2017
Tyga Slams Kylie Over Baby News, Claims Pregnant Star Wasn't Loyal To Him Post-Split

Tyga has reportedly made it known that he's anything but happy about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy news, it has been alleged.

The rapper, who hosted a party at Avenue in Los Angeles last weekend had reportedly made some comments regarding the news that his ex-girlfriend was expecting her first child.

Tyga seemed heated, Page Six reports, when he allegedly branded Jenner as a h** who had not been loyal to him, which reportedly had the entire crowd buzzing with mixed reactions.

As previously reported, Tyga had supposedly hoped to reconcile with the 20-year-old in the future, having allegedly told friends in the past that he still has feelings for the reality star.

Of course, now that he's aware of the fact that Kylie is pregnant, Tyga will keep his distance, but it goes without saying that he feels hurt to know that she had wasted no time moving on with Travis Scott and carrying his child.

Kylie and Travis started dating just one month after the TV personality called it quits with Tyga, and according to reports, by May the lip kit businesswoman had conceived the baby she's now expected to give birth to early in 2018.

The news has left Tyga heartbroken, which would explain his outrageous comments toward Kylie and his reasoning for calling her anything but loyal.

Fans are well aware that Tyga and Jenner had called it quits with their relationship on multiple occasions in the past, so in the rapper's mind, he seemed to have thought that there was a chance he would be able to get back with Kylie after a short break.

Now that a baby is involved, Tyga will respect the fact that Travis Scott is definitely not going anywhere — Kylie has chosen a new life for herself, and it's very clear at this point that a reconciliation with Tyga is out of the question.

Sources say that the soon-to-be mother-of-one has prepared herself for the lifestyle change that's about to happen upon giving birth to her firstborn.

She's beyond excited and is mainly focused on having a successful and healthy pregnancy. Tyga is a thing of the past.

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]