September 27, 2017
'Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Jack Tricks Phyllis, Graham Is Ashley's Half-Brother, Plots To Ruin Dina

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers for Wednesday, September 27, reveal that Graham (Max Shippee) asks Dina (Marla Adams) for information about the identity of Ashley's (Eileen Davidson) biological father. Graham questions Dina after she revealed to him that Ashley is not John Abbot's (Jerry Douglas) daughter.

Graham's Pestering Irritates Dina

Fans will recall that Dina revealed the secret that Ashley is not an Abbot to Graham during the Monday, September 18 episode of the daytime drama. She revealed the information while trying to calm Graham after he discovered that Dina had granted Ashley access to his room. She explained to Graham that she allowed Ashley to have access to his room so that she can overcome her suspicions. Dina tried to make an excuse for Ashley by saying that she finds it difficult to trust because of her past experiences, especially the fact that she did not realize for many years that John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) was not her father.

However, Dina did not reveal the name of Ashley's real father, Brent Davis (Bert Kramer), to Graham.

Graham now wants to have all the facts. Dina, who has since regretted spilling Ashley's secret, is irritated when Graham pesters her about the issue. She refuses to reveal Ashley's biological father to Graham. Instead, she answers testily that John loved Ashley as a father.

Graham Plots Dina's Ruin

Later, Graham calls his mother, Myrna, who is living at a retirement home in Florida and tells her about his attempt to get information from Dina. Myrna mentions Brent Davis' name and rants about how he kept many women. She also adds that Dina was a tramp.

Graham promises his mother that he will make Dina pay for ruining their family.

Graham Is Brent Davis' Son, Ashley's Half-Brother

The conversation between Graham and his mother appears to suggest that Myrna was Brent Davis' wife. This means that Graham is Brent Davis' son and Ashley is his half-sister.

Graham and his mother appear to believe that Dina, who had an affair with Brent Davis, was responsible for destroying their family. It also seems that Dina is not aware of Graham's identity.

Graham And Ashley Have A Tense Moment

Later, Graham arrives at Jabot to retrieve Dina's laptop. Ashley says he is not Jabot staff so he can't have Dina's laptop. Graham also demands that Ashley admit she was wrong about suspecting him. Ashley refuses to apologize. It seems clear that the relationship between Ashley and Graham will deteriorate.

Tessa Says Mariah Is Just Like Family To Her

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) tries do as Kevin (Greg Rikaart) advised. She catches up with Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) at the recording studio and tries to confess her feelings. However, as she prepares to say what is on her mind, Tessa tells her that she is just like family to her. Tessa's comment discourages Mariah and she abandons her plan to confess her love for Tessa.

Natalia Has News For Tessa

Zack (Ryan Ashton) takes a call from Alice (Tamara Clatterbuck). Zack insists he isn't moving Crystal (Morgan Obenreder) from her current location. After the call, Natalia (Tina Ivlev) approaches him and asks for a bonus. Zack refuses the request.

Later, Natalia tells Alice she misses Crystal. Alice assures her that Crystal is safe. Natalia then texts Tessa, assuring her that Crystal is safe and that Alice is going to see her at her new location. Tessa shows the message to Mariah who concludes it was Natalia who sent it.

Scott Gets Discouraging News

Scott (Daniel Hall) receives a message from Paul (Doug Davidson) that Irv West's (Wayne Knight) credit card did not provide any useful clues as Scott had hoped. Scott later tells Abby (Meliss Ordway) about the ongoing sex trafficking investigation. Abby tells Zack about it. Zack looks bothered but Abby does not notice the reaction.

Jack Plans To Entrap Billy And Victoria

Jack (Peter Bergman) believes that Billy (Jason Thompson) and not Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) is responsible for spying on Jabot. He points out that Phyllis could have accessed Jabot files without being detected. He is convinced it must have been Billy who secretly used Phyllis' laptop to gain access to Jabot systems. He is convinced that Phyllis might have been careless but she did know about it or approve it.

Jack tells Ashley and Ravi (Abhi Sinha) that he has a plan to mislead Billy. He plans to plant false information in Jabot systems to mislead Billy and Victoria.

Jack Leaves Phyllis Out Of The Loop

After sharing his plan with Ashley and Ravi, Jack deceives Phyllis. He tells her that Ravi has determined that there was really no Jabot data breach and that the claim was only a false alarm.

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