September 27, 2017
#ElenaExposedParty: 'BB19' Elena Apologizes For Past Tweets, Says She'd 'Never Purposely Offend Anyone'

After a firestorm of criticism enveloped Twitter on Tuesday via the #ElenaExposedParty, the woman behind the controversy, Big Brother 19 houseguest Elena Davies, tweeted a response to it all. In her lengthy message, she acknowledged the fact that many have found her past posts offensive and insisted she would never intentionally offend or hurt anyone. Nonetheless, she also admitted she understands how individuals could react negatively to what she tweeted several years ago.

Over the past 24 hours, the #ElenaExposedParty has gained traction on Twitter, as users have been posting screenshots of Elena's past posts that many have found objectionable.

It appears that a number of Elena's questionable tweets may have been deleted; however, a few that remain involve controversial comments about race and sexuality that have been called racist and homophobic by those joining the #ElenaExposedParty, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

One of those tweets was posted in 2013, when Elena replied to the post of an African-American woman who tweeted, "I finished a whole bag of watermelon by myself #blackpeopleprobz #whatismylife."

Elena responded with, "...Did you have fried chicken and waffles before or afterrrrrr the watermelon? Oh! And what flavor of kool-aid???"

Although the woman seemed to find the BB19 houseguest's comment humorous, those in the Twitter-verse were less forgiving.

Another of Elena's tweets that the #ElenaExposedParty found problematic was written in 2012 and stated Elena had a fight with a "gay guy" at a fast food restaurant.Another Twitter user confirmed the location of the incident, and Elena responded with, "That's exactlyyy where it all went down. If you saw a homo in a pony tail there... I told him what was up."
Instead of apologizing, on Monday, Elena attempted to respond to the #ElenaExposedParty by tweeting, "Haha! My ex that I dated for several years was half black... Definitely have love for all the colors of the world." This only seemed to make things worse.
At around 5 p.m. Pacific Time Tuesday, Elena took to Twitter and captioned her an apologetic message addressing the #ElenaExposedParty with "Sometimes the glow up is within." This was followed by a heart emoji.

Elena's entire tweet reads as follows.

"People have found some of my tweets from several years ago offensive and I can absolutely understand why... Regardless if it was a song lyric, quotes from friends/shows, misunderstood due to missing context, or just flat out mean... in no way was it my intention to offend or hurt others. I used to be a very reactive person and have learned that in no way does that serve me or others. I do have a slight abrasive side, but would never purposely offend anyone. I hope you can forgive the errors of my past and recognize the person I am today and the growth that is sure is to come!"
Despite this, many proclaimed her message was not an apology, calling her "super fake" and a "joke."
Others, however, posted messages of support saying, Elena is "owning up" to her mistakes and that those who scoured her Twitter feed were just trying to cause problems. Another post insisted Elena owned what she had done and declared "CASE CLOSED!!!" regarding the matter.
Although this season of Big Brother is over, in just a few short months Celebrity Big Brother is set to premiere on CBS, hitting airways this winter. Although the United Kingdom has been airing its version of CBB for years, this will be the first time a celebrity version will air in the United States.

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