September 27, 2017
'The Big Bang Theory' Season 11: Will Amy And Sheldon Get Married This Season?

The Big Bang Theory Season 11's premiere episode did not keep viewers on tenterhooks for too long. Amy (Mayim Bialik) said "Yes" to Sheldon's (Jim Parsons) proposal in the opening scene of Episode 1, titled "The Proposal Proposal."

The previous season of the series ended with Sheldon proposing to Amy, and The Big Bang Theory Season 11 opened with Amy's answer. Will the newly engaged couple get married by the end of this season? The new showrunner Steve Holland tells the Hollywood Reporter that Sheldon and Amy may get married this season, but their wedding is not yet set in stone.

"Nothing is set in stone. It's possible to see it this season. Like a lot of things we do, we'll mine it for as many stories as we can. But we don't want it to drag on past its end date. I wouldn't be surprised if you saw it this season, although there's no promises to that."
In the upcoming episodes of The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Sheldon and Amy will be seen planning their wedding. And when Sheldon gets involved in something, he is bound to make things complicated -- and drive himself and others crazy -- because of his stubbornness and quirky ideas. Steve Holland says that Sheldon is going to have ideas about his and Amy's wedding, and he will be hell-bent on picking a perfect wedding date.
"One of the episodes is Sheldon, who is so excited, wants to make the wedding so perfect that he starts to drive himself crazy trying to pick a wedding date. Because he can't just pick a date — he has to analyze every date; he's sure that there's a best one out there. And he can be like that with every decision for this wedding."
Amy will have no other option but to love what Sheldon is doing, but she is going to be frustrated, according to the showrunner.
Sheldon's fiancee is also likely to be frustrated because of his ego and competitive spirit. A glimpse of that was seen in the premiere episode of The Big Bang Theory Season 11. Sheldon almost threw a fit when Amy's colleagues showed more interest in hearing about his fiancee's research work than talk about him and his work. A mini-arc exploring Sheldon and Amy's conflict because of their careers will unfold through the season, according to Steve Holland.

He reveals that Amy's career is going much better compared to Sheldon's and it is a "hard thing for his ego" to deal with not just as a scientist but also because he believes that Physics is a superior field. Sheldon will have to figure out how to come to terms with Amy's successful career.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 3, titled "The Relaxation Integration," will see Sheldon stressing about picking a wedding date, according to the synopsis released for the episode. And in Episode 2, Amy and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) will be shown bonding over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard (Simon Helberg).

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 2, titled "The Retraction Reaction," airs on Monday, October 2, on CBS.

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