September 27, 2017
Trump's Howard Stern Videos: Melania Is From Austria, Ivanka Made Him Swear Not To Date Women Younger Than Her

For those with time on their hands, the newly released library of President Donald Trump's interviews with Howard Stern is worth a listen. As reported by the Inquisitr, all the times Trump visited or called into The Howard Stern Show during a 12-year period from 1993 to August 25, 2015, have been released to the public.

Thus far, the public has learned that Trump thought Ivanka looked down on him and that First Lady Melania Trump doesn't know the meaning of the word cellulite. And by "doesn't know the meaning of the word cellulite," Trump made it clear that he was using a euphemism at that point in time to describe that Melania didn't have dimples and ridges on her beautiful body -- not to say that Melania didn't understand the word cellulite. Trump also spoke about his mom saying no to signing a prenup presented by his dad, along with the infamous time that Stern told Trump that Ivanka was quite a "piece of a**.

As can be heard in the following video, Trump called into the Howard Stern Show on June 3, 1999, because Trump was promoting the Shannon Briggs fight. As reported by the New York Times, Shannon Briggs fought at Trump's Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. But as most of Trump's interviews with Stern would unfold, the topic veered far away from promoting fights. Trump said that he had been dating Melania Trump only eight months as of that time, and Stern credited Trump with dating Melania for such a long time. Stern joked that at 28 years of age, Melania was downright ancient for Trump. Trump also admitted that Ivanka made him promise never to date a woman younger than her.

Warning: The following interviews with Trump on The Howard Stern Show might contain offensive language.

By 2004, Trump was bemoaning the notion that Ivanka was turning into a "white Jew" who looked down upon him, as can be heard in the next video. Trump also talked about his failed attempt to hook Ivanka up with a football player, believed to be Tom Brady.
Trump even called Melania a "monster" in a good way when she was pregnant with Barron during the following interview from December 7, 2005. When Stern asked if Trump had ever considered asking Melania to have an abortion, Trump said no. Trump did admit to hating having his name on an alcoholic product because he hates what alcohol does to people.
Meanwhile, another curious thing heard via Trump's interviews with Stern is the many times that Trump said Melania was from Austria, as can be heard in the below interview from November 9, 1999. Trump said Melania was Austrian and Romanian during that interview.
Trump once again said Melania was from Austria on June 3, 1999, as can be heard in the next video.
However, in spite of the many times that Trump said Melania was from Austria, Melania, according to the Daily Beast, is from Slovenia and only worked as a fashion model in Austria. It's not clear if Trump didn't know Melania was from Slovenia or if Trump was merely telling Stern that Melania was from Austria.

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