September 27, 2017
Trump's Howard Stern Videos: Melania Trump Doesn't Know What Cellulite Means, He Said Ivanka Looks Down On Him

Newsweek has released new information about President Donald Trump's interviews with the Howard Stern Show. Newsweek has received a whopping 15 hours of the entire audio and written transcripts of Trump when he visited with the Howard Stern Show over a period of 12 years, from 1993 to August 25, 2015. The transcripts and audio recordings of Trump and Stern are being called a rich case study into the man who has become President of the U.S.

With Trump visiting Stern when Trump had something he needed to advertise, and seemingly feeling comfortable enough to express his true thoughts to Stern, Trump let a lot of confessions out of the bag during those recordings. Trump told Stern that he thought his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, looked down on him. Trump also admitted to having only mentally "felt up" Melania in public as Stern pressured Trump to tell naughty stories.

The Howard Stern Show recordings and transcripts with Trump at the center contain plenty of juvenile and boyish banter. According to the publication, Trump and Stern spoke during a September 2004 call, wherein Ivanka and the "blueblood" she was dating from Bedminster, New Jersey, caused a ruckus over whose children were more "blue-blooded." Trump speaks about wanting to introduce Ivanka to a football player, but said that Ivanka was turning into a "white Jew."

Trump: "I think my daughter looks down on me. She said, 'oh my God—'"
Warning: The following video contains language that might be offensive.
As seen in the 2005 interview with Trump and Stern below, Trump told Stern that Melania didn't pressure him at all to get married. Prior to Barron Trump being born, Trump praised Melania's temperament and said that she would make a great mother. Donald admitted that he was thinking of "other things," namely his debt, when he was married to Marla Maples. Going to school plays and walking his children down the streets of New York in a baby carriage wasn't his "scene," Donald admits.

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Trump claimed he would give his children Trump Online University as an inheritance. Stern did not take advantage of Trump's presidential campaign run by rebroadcasting the videos and audio interviews, because Howard felt like it would betray his guest to do such a thing.

"I'm going to give them Trump Online University. And charity gets a lot."
The full audio files from the Trump-Stern interviews are searchable via the website and some can be seen on the CantyMedia YouTube channel, as seen below. A public request for the Stern-Trump interview audio files was responsible for videos like the one below, wherein Trump calls Melania of Austrian and Romanian descent, and says that Melania doesn't know what the word cellulite means. Newsweek was allowed to search the videos prior to the information being released to the public on Monday.
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