June 29, 2017
'Despicable Me 3' After-Credits: Here's The Catchy Pharrell Williams Song That Plays During The Credits

There may be no after-credits scene in Despicable Me 3, but there is one super catchy song that has sent many viewers to the internet to learn more about it.

The latest installment in the series featuring the soft-hearted villain Gru and his band of Minions is hitting theaters this weekend and expected to win the all-important July Fourth weekend box office. While many moviegoers are interested in whether there's an extra scene at the very end, many more are trying to find out who sings the song that plays at the very end.

Well look no further, because both answers are right here. First, there is no end credits scene in Despicable Me 3, though the website Media Stinger reported that there is some extra animation that plays just as the credits start to roll. That means families with children will get a bit of an earlier jump for the exits.

But they may want to stay in their seats at least long enough to hear the catchy song that plays during the final credits of Despicable Me 3. The song is "Yellow Light" and it comes from a singer very familiar to fans of the Despicable Me franchise -- Pharrell Williams, whose song "Happy" was a mega-hit from Despicable Me 2 in 2014.

Those who want to hear more of "Yellow Light" and check out more action from the Minions can watch the official video below, which was released earlier this month.

There will likely be a big audience for Despicable Me 3 over the long holiday weekend. Variety noted that the movie is opening in a record 4,529 locations, making it the widest domestic release ever, and it is expected to net close to $100 million in the opening weekend.

And in recent summer movie seasons, the family films have been the ones with bigger-than-expected returns and long stays, beating out many of the summer blockbusters and many installations of superhero movies. With a strong following from the first three movies (including last year's Minion Movie), there's a good chance that Despicable Me 3 follows that trend.

So while there may not be an after-credits scene in Despicable Me 3, moviegoers will want to stay long enough to hear the catchy new song "Yellow Light" by Pharrell Williams.

[Featured Image by Universal Pictures]