June 29, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Three 'BB19' Temptations Leaked - See What's Next For The Den Of Temptation

Big Brother 19 spoilers have already started leaking even though it's only one episode into the BB19 season. This summer's Big Brother tagline is "Summer of Temptation, " and it's already turning into a minefield of opportunities and potential missteps for this summer's houseguests. Last night on the BB19 season premiere episode, there was a trap featured in the "Garden of Temptations" and stay-at-home dad Kevin was the first to click the buzzer. Falling for the lure led to BB18's Paul Abrahamian coming back into the house and poor Cameron heading out the door.

Seven fell for the first temptation – more to come

Last night on the first episode of Big Brother 19, despite all the big talk about not clicking the button and unleashing a threat, seven fell into the trap and clicked like crazy. Cody, Ramses, Mark, Alex, Raven, Jason, and Kevin all fell for it, but it was Kevin that was fastest with the clicker and scored the $25k. Julie Chen promised the temptation-taker would have anonymity, but for how long? Once the players start trickling to the Jury House, no doubt info will leak, and it will color the jury's judgment when they vote.

BB19 Julie Chen and Cameron Stout
BB19 host Julie Chen talks to ousted house guest Cameron Stout [Image by Monty Brinton/CBS]

BB19 temptation revealed – Pendant of Protection

On last night's BB19, we got a glimpse at the Den of Temptation where a chosen houseguest will be tempted by something that will bring an advantage and, as always in Big Brother, unknown consequences. BB fans know to "expect the unexpected" and that theme will carry much meaning this summer. Big Brother fans will vote for the houseguest they want to be tempted and then the houseguest can decide whether they will take the temptation.

The first one up for grabs is the Pendant of Protection. This is a big advantage because it will shield the houseguest from the next three evictions. However, Big Brother viewers know that everything comes at a cost. While the houseguest that bites the poisoned fruit might get lucky for three evictions, they might be hampered and at greater risk after that. Plus, taking a temptation tends to paint a target on a houseguest's back.

According to a poll by Big Brother Network, veteran Paul Abrahamian is BB19's fan choice to be tempted by the Pendant of Protection. He's got close to 30 percent of the poll votes followed by Christmas in second place with more than 17 percent of votes, Cody with almost 8 percent, and Josh and Jillian dead last with 2 percent and 1.2 percent respectively. Voting has closed for tonight's Den of Temptation, but you can check out the voting portal on CBS for future temptation votes.

Another BB19 temptation – Ring of Replacement

Big Brother 19's next temptation after the Pendant of Protection is the Ring of Replacement. The ring is a great advantage because its power lasts all summer. The houseguest that gets the ring can play in any Big Brother Veto Competition they want all summer long. Since there are usually six houseguests playing, the two nominees, the Head of Household, and three by random draw, one will be pulled down. The HoH and nominees will stay put, and the advantage holder will replace one of the random.

However, even though the Ring of Replacement can be used at any time over the summer, it can only be used once. This Big Brother 19 temptation is a big deal because it can help an alliance when they need a solid team of competitors in a PoV comp, particularly when there's a pawn on the Chopping Block. The temptation will be great and surely another one that BB19 houseguests will fall for, but, again, this also comes with a cost. It could be staggering and outweigh the benefit.

A third Big Brother 19 temptation – Halting Hex

While the first two BB19 temptations had a jewelry theme, this one goes straight to magic and voodoo. The Halting Hex is very powerful. As we've seen in past Big Brother seasons, the rewards grow more powerful as the season progresses and the consequences become increasingly dire. The Halting Hex is a big deal because it lets the tempted houseguest stop one of the next four evictions. It doesn't matter if the Hex holder is on the block or not.

The Halting Hex stops the eviction process during the Live Show on a Big Brother eviction night, and it turns the evening into a non-eviction night. But since this is powerful, there's no telling how bad the backlash of the consequence would be. It could turn the next eviction into a double ousting or something else just as bad. It's another big temptation though, and it's hard to see how any of the BB19 houseguests will hold back from taking advantage of what is offered.

Tonight is another night of Big Brother 19 action in the two-night premiere, and you can tune into CBS tonight at 9 p.m. for more BB19. Tonight is also important because, after the West Coast feed, the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds turn on at 1 a.m. Eastern, 10 p.m. Pacific. Don't miss a moment of Big Brother 19.
[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]