June 29, 2017
Lady Gaga To Launch A New 'More Intimate' Dive Bar Tour

Lady Gaga is set to launch her worldwide Joanne tour, but that's not enough to the entertainer. Ms. Gaga enjoys the touring aspect of being a musician as much as any artist and perhaps more than most. Proving this, Lady Gaga is also going to embark on a second Dive Bar Tour amid her Joanne dates.

Lady Gaga Is Doing A Second Dive Bar Tour For Select Fans

Amid the stadiums and big venue arenas on her Joanne tour, Page Six reports that Lady Gaga will also be incorporating smaller venues on her world tour, returning to her roots as a struggling artist on the road. As before Gaga will be teaming up with Bud Light for her next Dive Bar Tour, which is set to launch a handful of select dates, beginning in Las Vegas.

That first Dive Bar Tour concert will be played on July 13.

Some fans might worry that the size of the venue might affect the quality of Lady Gaga's performance, but she says that's simply not the case. For one thing, once she's up on stage, Gaga says she completely gets engulfed in the performance and loses her awareness about the venue's size or atmosphere.

Secondly, Lady Gaga says changing her performance based on the size of the crowd isn't fair for her fans. No matter what the venue, Ms. Gaga wants each concert to be a memorable and worthwhile experience for all.

Lady Gaga, Bud Light
Lady Gaga joins up with Bud Light again, hoping to create a more intimate fan experience. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

Joanne Artist Lady Gaga Wants To Get "More Intimate" With Her Fans

Talking to Billboard, Lady Gaga says doing her first Dive Bar Tour brought her back to the early days of her career, when she was playing in small bars in New York City. She admits that, while success is nice, she misses those early days. The Joanne artist adds that playing in the smaller bars gave her the ability to connect with audiences and to feel mutual love and respect.

Bigger venues might bring in the maximum number of fans, but Lady Gaga says she regrets having to give up that bonding experience in exchange.

As she once again teams up with Bud Light for another Dive Bar Tour, Lady Gaga hopes to develop an even deeper connection with her fans.

Lady Gaga, Joanne
Lady Gaga will follow up the Dive Bar Tour with her worldwide 'Joanne' tour. [Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

"I intend for it to be even more intimate than it was the last time," revealed Lady Gaga. "I really want to break the songs down and talk to the audience even more and just, you know, sing the hell out of my songs."

Lady Gaga will kick off the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour on July 13 and will launch her Joanne world tour on August 1 in Canada.

[Featured Image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]