June 29, 2017
'My 600-lb Life' Gideon Update: Gideon Is Working, Enjoying Family Life, And Waiting For Baby No.2

When Gideon Yeakley from Oklahoma was first featured on My 600-lb Life, he weighed an astounding 650 pounds and was barely able to move, much less work. During the course of his initial feature, Gideon was able to go through with gastric bypass surgery, but psychological trauma, coupled with his tendency to use fatigue as a substitute for food, ended up almost costing him his marriage with his wife, Kayleigh. Since then, however, Gideon has been able to take massive steps towards recovery from morbid obesity, and as his personal Facebook profile shows, the man who once weighed north of 600 pounds is now a happy family man with a job and a baby on the way.

Gideon's story was quite memorable for numerous fans of My 600-lb Life, mainly because his psychological issues transcended his obesity. After moving to Texas and getting a gastric sleeve done by Dr. Now, Gideon was able to lose a significant amount of weight. Despite this, however, his marriage to his wife became extremely strained, as he ended up replacing his addiction to food with a refusal to get out of bed, according to a report from the Daily Mail. At one point, his wife Kayleigh actually told the cameras that if Gideon does not get himself together, she would take their son and go back to Oklahoma.


With the help of a therapist, however, Gideon was able to overcome some of his innermost issues. By the end of his initial feature in the hit reality TV show, Gideon had lost more than 220 pounds, and he seemed to be on his way to regaining his life from his food addiction. After following Kayleigh and his son, Jonathan, back to Oklahoma, Gideon started getting more active in the house, doing chores on a consistent basis.

Eventually, his episode featured Gideon finding a job at a local juvenile detention center. He was still losing weight, and his marriage seemed pretty safe. He also weighed 429 pounds, a significant reduction from his weight of 650 pounds when he began his weight-loss journey.

As could be seen on his personal Facebook account, Gideon's improvement has continued over the past year. Although he does not post updates on social media often, the few pictures that he shares depicts Gideon as a much healthier man than before. In one photo, he was being hugged by a someone in an Easter Bunny costume. Interestingly, the mascot's arms were almost wrapped fully around him, suggesting that he is now far smaller than he was when he last appeared on the hit reality TV show.


His family life also seemed to be getting better, with Gideon announcing that he and Kayleigh are expecting their second child this September. Needless to say, followers of the My 600-lb Life star have congratulated him on the great news.

Gideon has also been supporting his family very well, with the My 600-lb Life star finding work at a glass company. Considering that his son, Jonathan, has grown and he could now provide due to his job, it definitely seems that it is time for Gideon and Kayleigh to welcome another member to their family.

Gideon's battle against morbid obesity and his past demons has not been easy. Over the years, and through a lot of grit and determination, the My 600-lb Life star has proven that he could not only rise to the occasion, he could also go far beyond and ultimately become a better man than he was before.

[Featured Image by TLC]