June 29, 2017
'Big Brother 19' Houseguests Raven Walton And Paul Abrahamian In A Photo Together: Do They Have A Connection?

Big Brother 19 is finally here, and fans are excited. The chatter on social media has been non-stop since the premiere started last night. The return of Paul Abrahamian was well-received by viewers but has a few of them wondering. Could he possibly have a connection to Raven Walton that leads to a twist for Big Brother 19? She is a 23-year-old dancer from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, who is a self-proclaimed superfan.

A picture has been making its way around social media. It shows Paul and Raven side by side and smiling. The two look like they know each other, but then again, couldn't it just be a fan meeting one of the former Big Brother houseguests? After all, when posing for a picture, folks tend to act like they know each other. Some fans are saying that Raven getting a friendship bracelet from Paul is a clue. Social media is still debating, but there are answers to be had.

Along with Paul's clothing line, he is also in a band named Reviver. They go on tour, and Paul has a chance to run into superfans of Big Brother all the time. It turns out that this is just innocent. Raven attended one of his shows in Arkansas, and being a fangirl, she asked him to pose for a picture with her. Paul is known to love his fans and happily obliged. While Big Brother is known for controversy and crazy twists, this doesn't appear to be one in the shadows.

Raven Walton does seem to be one to watch early on in Big Brother 19. According to cast interviews by CBS, she claims to remember the choreography for every dance she has performed since the age of 3. A great memory is a big part of the game. Physically, she is great shape, despite having a stomach pacemaker. Her bubbly personality should be a huge asset in her social game, giving her solid footing to begin the game as alliances are formed.

Do you think Raven and Paul will end up working together on Big Brother? Do you still think that just maybe there is a connection between the two outside the house? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by CBS]