June 29, 2017
'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' Season 1 Episode 13 Recap: Is Class Rep Sumire Behind Ghost Incidents?

The mystery behind the ghost incidents in the Hidden Leaf Village has finally been solved in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 13. After separate investigations, Sai, Kakashi, and Mitsuki determined the identity of the mastermind behind the attacks. But knowing the identity of the culprit doesn't mean that the crisis is over.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead.

According to Anime News Network, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations enters the climax of its ghost story line as episode 13 revealed that the mastermind behind the ghost attacks is Sumire Kakei, Boruto's classmate, and the class rep. Sai together with Hidden Leaf shinobi found a hideout belonging to a missing Foundation member named Tanuki Shigakari. Sai, himself a former member of The Foundation headed by Danzo, identifies Tanuki as an ardent follower of Danzo and the brains behind a plan to forge a new weapon using the Hashirama Cell code named "Gozu Tennou." Deducing that the ghost incidents started sometime after Tanuki went missing, and finding a photograph of Tanuki and a girl, Sai determined who the perpetrator is.

The next scene shifts to Boruto and Mitsuki with the latter revealing that their class rep, Sumire Kakei, is behind the ghost attacks. Mitsuki revealed that he has been observing Sumire for a while now and noticed that every attack started with the class rep being in close contact with her victims. Boruto, as befits his character, isn't prepared to believe Mitsuki and went as far as to cite that Sumire herself has been a victim. Mitsuki countered that it could have been a deception to draw away suspicion from Sumire.

Mitsuki reveals to Boruto who's behind the ghost incidents.
Boruto (left) learns the identity of the mastermind behind the ghost attacks from Mitsuki. [Image by Dante Goku/YouTube]

Mitsuki notes that the ghost attacks are not the real purpose of the ghost incidents. The transfer student from the Hidden Mist Village told Boruto that the attacks were orchestrated to absorb the victims' chakra. Following Boruto's departure to check out an explosion, Mitsuki was ordered to kill Sumire, presumably by Orochimaru.

Naruto, the Seventh Hokage and Boruto's father, with his advisor Shikamaru, also learned the real identity of Sumire via Sai. Sai, meanwhile, began searching for Sumire after learning that the class rep had gone missing from the hospital. Kakashi, Naruto's predecessor and former mentor, shows up and shares what he learned. Concluding that Danzo was behind the "Gozu Tennou," through Sumire's father, Tanuki. Kakashi is of the opinion that the "Gozu Tennou" has been implanted to Sumire. And with Sumire acting as the gate, Nue can be summoned.

Sai and his companions corner and manage to capture Sumire. With no chance of escape, Sumire summons Nue, forcing Sai and his group to retreat and allow Sumire to escape. The same explosion that prompted Boruto to leave Mitsuki also drew Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Naruto to the park, only to be met by the rampaging Nue. Kakashi erects a barrier to prevent Nue from escaping and causing more damage to the village. Thinking he can finish Nue using a single attack, Naruto starts using his sage mode only to be stopped by Kakashi, noting that Nue absorbs chakra, and Naruto would only give Nue more power if he is taken or defeated.

Sumire gets set to fight off Mitsuki.
Sumire (left) prepares for battle against Mitsuki (right) in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 13. [Image by Kawaki/YouTube]

Mitsuki catches up with Boruto and informs Boruto that the only way to stop Nue is to kill the summoner. Mitsuki traps Boruto to prevent him from interfering with his assassination mission, but Boruto escapes using his shadow clones to knock out Mitsuki's own snake clone.

Mitsuki and Boruto catch up with Sumire, and the latter confesses that she was indeed the mastermind behind the ghost attacks and she wants to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village as revenge for what happened to his father. Mitsuki moves in to finish the class rep when Boruto stops Mitsuki. Boruto's right eye suddenly activates and teleports Sumire and Nue to another dimension. Determined to save Sumire, Naruto follows the teleportation portal his eye created without hesitation.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 13: "The Demon Beast Appears" was aired on June 28, 2017. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 14: "The Path That Boruto Can See" is set to air the following week, July 5.

[Featured Image by Kawaki/YouTube]