June 29, 2017
Rory Feek Will Perform For First Time Since Joey's Death, Says Will Help Him To Seek What His Future Holds

Rory Feek lost his wife, Joey, to cancer over a year ago and has since been raising their daughter, Indiana, at their home in Tennessee. He has not been on stage to perform since the health crisis that changed his life completely. However, he has decided to take to the stage for two performances for a benefit concert soon. This will also help him to see what his future holds for him in music.

The announcement came from the country artist in a press conference on Tuesday that he will perform on stage on September 8 and September 9. According to Taste of Country, that also happens to be Joey's birthday weekend. This will be a celebration to honor her as well.

Rory mentioned that getting back to the stage to perform by himself again is something that he had been contemplating lately. The country duo gained popularity in 2008 with their inspiring music and their strong faith. Rory Feek had previously stated that he would not take to the stage without his wife by his side. However, he explained in the press conference that his feelings have changed since then.

"I should get onstage and see what's there. What's in store? What would I say if I were up there by myself? For me it will be good because I will learn why I am supposed to be there and what the future holds."
The benefit concert is set to take place on the singer/songwriter's property in Pottsville, Tennessee, this September. This is also a prelude to Heal the Music Day put on by Music Health Alliance, which helps the music community with medical decisions that can consume them when seeking medical treatment. Rory Feek was grateful for this non-profit organization when he sought them out during his wife's cancer crisis and after she passed away.

The Music Health Alliance was helpful in getting Joey into a facility that was out of their network of health providers. They also were called in by Rory to help him make some sense of all of the medical bills that had piled up after Joey died.

Rory Feek performs
Rory and Joey Feek in 2011 [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

Rory is so grateful to them for their support that he said he will donate all of his earnings from the two performances to the organization. Heal the Music Day, set for October 20, asks for the music community to donate 5 percent of their earnings to help support their fellow artists, or anyone who is involved in the music industry, with any assistance they need. Other country artists such as Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, and Dierks Bentley have already committed to this worthy cause.

Despite Rory Feek performing without his wife beside him, he will always have the encouragement from his fellow musicians, as well as his many country music fans.

[Featured Image by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images]