June 29, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Spencer Wants To Unleash Sonny On Valentin-Is He Turning Into A Mini Mobster?

Spencer Cassadine has always been a force to be reckoned with on General Hospital, but no one had any idea that he would turn into a mini mobster. He has a request for his uncle Sonny, and it isn't for a new puppy. He wants to get Wyndemere back badly and Valentin Cassadine stands in his way.

Spencer was seen on Wednesday's episode of General Hospital fretting over the fact that the person who killed his father still has what should be rightfully his. Wyndemere is the life he once knew and he misses it badly. The little guy is determined to do whatever it takes to get it back, and that means paying a visit to the one person who he feels can help him with his problem. At the end of the show, Spencer asked Sonny Corinthos to eliminate Valentin. What will his uncle say to that?

In the previews for Thursday's General Hospital, Sonny asks him if he knows exactly what that means. SheKnows Soaps says that Sonny will sit his nephew down to give the boy some of his wisdom. Everyone in Port Charles knows what Sonny for a living. It seems hypocritical for him to be telling Spencer that it isn't right to be talking about eliminating people. However, he will diffuse the situation quickly and help the boy see the light.

Of course, Spencer did try to find a another way first. He and Laura sat down with Alexis to discuss any loopholes that may give him the chance to snatch Wyndemere back from Valentin. Alexis told him that the only possible way that he could have any chance of that was if Valentin should die. Charlotte would then get everything, but she told the little guy that only then could she try to make a plea to the court for a male heir to inherit the estate instead of Charlotte.

That was probably a mistake to tell him that because the wheels started turning in his little head. That brought Spencer to stop off to ask Sonny to take care of Valentin Cassadine for him. It is no secret that his uncle could very well take Valentin out with no problem. However, he will make sure that Spencer knows exactly what eliminating someone really means.

Spencer is desperate to get what is rightfully his back. Valentin is expected to be back on General Hospital soon, so there is always a possibility that he will have a change of heart and give Wyndemere back to Spencer so he and Laura can move back there.

Why does the boy want the mansion back so badly? Well, he is a Cassadine. His dad, Nikolas, could be ruthless when he wanted to be. When backed into a corner, he always fought back, and that is exactly what Spencer is doing as well. Plus, this is the home that he shared with his dad. He described all of the things that he loves about the place to his grandmother and Alexis.

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Will Spencer get his life back? [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Has Spencer gone way too far in requesting that Sonny eliminate Valentin for him? Will Valentin turn into a nice guy when he gets back to Port Charles and give the boy his home back? Stay tuned to see what develops in Spencer's life on General Hospital.

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