June 29, 2017
Farrah Abraham Calls One Of Her 'Single AF' Co-Stars A 'D******d,' Already Makes Another Angry At Her

Everywhere Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham goes, drama is sure to follow, and her new dating series, Single AF is no exception for the reality TV star. Farrah has traveled to the United Kingdom to participate in the dating series for MTV UK with several stars from their franchises as they all travel the world to look for love.

Before the show even began, however, it faced allegations that it was fake by Farrah's on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Sarah who stated that they "needed" Farrah to be single for the MTV UK show. He hinted that behind the scenes, the pair are totally together, but for the cameras, they are "just friends."

Single AF kicked off this week with Farrah Abraham and her co-stars meeting one another in a London bar. Farrah revealed that she and Stereo Kicks singer, Casey Johnson, have already butted heads.

She revealed that she thought he was "kind of a d**khead," and that the pair doesn't really get along.

Although Casey Johnson hasn't commented specifically on Farrah Abraham, he has stated that he isn't a huge fan of "some of the cast members" on Single AF. We can only assume that he is insinuating he's not a big fan of Farrah.

The Teen Mom OG star is heading to Sydney, Australia to find love abroad, but she didn't leave without first also crossing paths with Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson.

Marnie, who stars on the MTV UK hit show, and already seen Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG prior to their meeting on Single AF and had perhaps unfairly judged Farrah. According to Marnie, she doesn't like the way Farrah speaks to her family on the show and she thinks Farrah doesn't stand for anything positive.

Marnie also divulged via Facebook Live that Farrah Abraham hadn't "made an effort" with her and Casey Johnson agreed, saying that he doesn't have anything positive to say about her and that she's just after "blokes with money."

Farrah Abraham, however, said that she wouldn't even stoop to watching the video the pair made throwing mad shade at her. According to Farrah, her life is so much better than theirs, so she doesn't need to involve herself.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Stringer/Getty Images]