May 17, 2017
Megan Sloan: Second Grade Teacher Charged With Bringing Heroin And Needles To Class

Megan Sloan, a second grade teacher from Oklahoma, brought heroin and 13 needles into her classroom, police say. The 27-year-old Holmes Park Elementary School teacher has been arrested and charged with child neglect.

The Sapulpa, Oklahoma teacher was arrested on May 1 after a fellow Holmes Park Elementary School teacher alerted authorities about the heroin and 13 needles allegedly found in her purse. Megan Sloan reportedly used the other teacher's computer to sign get on Facebook and forgot to log back out.

When the other teacher saw a message written by Sloan describing how she allegedly pawned school property and sold heroin, the fellow educator went straight to the elementary school principal with the shocking discovery.

Megan Sloan also allegedly stole $125 from a school field trip fundraiser and used the money to buy more heroin. The second grade teacher made her first court appearance on Tuesday.

The Creek County District Attorney's Office charged the Oklahoma teacher with child neglect, drug possession in the presence of a minor, child neglect, possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of embezzlement. The child neglect charges relate specifically to students in Sloan's Holmes Park Elementary School second grade classroom, the Daily Mail reports.

Creek County law enforcement officers said Megan Sloan confessed to using heroin and other drugs before the opioid and 13 needles were found inside her purse, WUSA 9 reports. When the Oklahoma teacher was speaking with the police over the phone from the elementary principal's office she also reportedly admitted to having Xanax in her possession and pawning two computer tablets belonging to Holmes Park Elementary School.

During the same phone conversation with law enforcement officers the second grade teacher also reportedly admitted to stealing the field trip money. When the Sapulpa police investigators did search inside Sloan's purse, they reportedly found brown residue inside one of the syringes. Upon further review the officers we reportedly able to confirm the substance they found was indeed heroin.

Meth, the prescription drug Suboxone, and spoons used to "cook" drugs were also found in the Oklahoma teacher's possession. Suboxone is frequently prescribed as either a pain medication or to treat opioid addiction.

Oklahoma police detectives also said the Holmes Park Elementary School teacher did not appear to be stoned on drugs when they spoke to her and searched her purse. Megan Sloan claims she never let her purse within reach of the young children she was tasked with looking after and maintains she did not take drugs while at school.

"This particular morning the purse was left in the classroom because as soon as she arrived at work she was called down to the office, and so she set her purse down and left," Sapulpa police officer Philip Diehl said.

The Oklahoma police officers were stunned by the number of syringes found inside the purse.

"I would guess maybe 40 syringes, some empty, some still had liquid in them, some still had needles, some did not," Diehl added.

Megan Sloan has been teaching at the Oklahoma elementary school for two years. The second grade teacher said she became addicted to prescription painkillers and then later started using heroin. She has been teaching at the Sapulpa elementary school for two years.

The Oklahoma teacher has no prior criminal history and is due back in court again on May 24. Sloan is being held on a $41,000 bond.

What do you think about the Oklahoma teacher being caught with heroin and 13 needles inside her Holmes Park Elementary School classroom?

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