May 17, 2017
Simon Saran Slams Other Teen Moms, Insists Producer Was Fired Due To Fellow Cast Mate

Simon Saran, Farrah Abraham's on-again, off-again boyfriend, is famous for trolling the other cast members of Teen Mom on Twitter, and this time, it was Amber Portwood who was on the receiving end of his abuse. News broke yesterday that Heather Walsh, a producer on Teen Mom OG, was fired from the show for getting "too close" to the cast members, Farrah Abraham in particular. However, Simon Saran states this isn't the case at all and that Amber is the one who got her the axe.

According to sources, it wasn't that she was too close to Farrah (one of the producers is so close to Catelynn Lowell Baltierra, for example, that she is her daughter Nova's goddaughter), but also because she was often sleeping over at Farrah Abraham's home in Austin, Texas.

But Simon Saran begs to differ over events.

A source at the Ashley is taking Amber's side.

"Heather was fired from Teen Mom, but Amber had nothing to do with the firing."

Simon Saran evidently remembered events differently.

"Heather was fired because Amber threatened to quit the show. Then MTV worked out a 'deal' with her since she couldn't handle the heat. The deal was Amber stays and Heather goes. A way for Them to hide the truth about Amber and what goes on behind close doors."

According to Amber Portwood, however, the firing could be related to Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham's partying ways.

"Why would I do that to her…I mean I'm an a** sometimes but I wouldn't really want her fired. Maybe if Simon and Farrah didn't always party then she would have been fine. That's all I'm going to say…."

When a fan tried to stand up for Amber and debunk Simon's claims, he wrote back, trying to turn the whole thing back on her.

"I only speak the truth. Heather was not fired for sleeping on a couch. Trust me," he wrote.

He has since deleted his post stating that Amber was the cause of the firing.

Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham have been at each other's throats for quite some time now. The pair almost came to blows on last season's Teen Mom OG reunion show, and it became very apparent that the other cast members were firmly behind Amber. While the other two girls, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell, are good friends, none are friendly with Farrah.

Amber tried to reach out to Farrah by inviting her to her upcoming nuptials in October, but Farrah slammed the invitation, saying Amber was using her to get attention for her new book and that she and her fiancé were a pair of "scamming criminals." Although Amber maintains that Simon Saran was never actually invited to the wedding, he also got in on the action, saying that he thinks the wedding would "be a circus."

Farrah's dad, Michael, also decided that he needed to stand up for his daughter and did so by slamming Amber, calling her a "Marilyn Monroe want-a-be."

Additionally, Farrah took to the press to say that she thinks Amber looked like a "cheap hooker" with the pink hair she sported recently.

After Simon Saran deleted the tweet, Amber tweeted again.

"This guy is such trash.. nobody believes this..she quit/got fired because of her. Man @SimonSaran you and Farrah are obsessed with adults if you can..and I would tag Farrah if I wasn't blocked. Yet you keep talking," she wrote.

Although Farrah didn't get involved in the online drama, she has teased that she and Heather Walsh are working on another project together.

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