May 17, 2017
'Clash Of Clans' Update: 'Captains Log: Day 4' Video Released, May 2017 'Clash Of Clans' Download Closer

A Clash of Clans update took place on Monday (May 15) when "Captains Log: Day 4" was uploaded. Although it isn't the full May 2017 Clash of Clans update that users are seeking online, it does give another sneak peek into the lives of Hog Rider and his friends. The video itself is only about 38 seconds (seen below) and might be considered filler until some real information gets revealed in the Day 5 video.

This is the fourth video to get released on the Supercell website since May 5, with each one giving a little bit of information about what might be beyond the shores of user villages. The video also came with a Broken Boat that appeared on the shores of every village in the game, hinting that it would be a vehicle used to get to new parts of the game. The appearance of the boat has led to quite a few rumors about what the May 2017 Clash of Clans update will include.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in addition to gamers seeking out Clash of Clans sneak peeks for the update, it has also led to an increased level of online searches for Clash of Clans hacks. Some users appear to be a bit overexcited and don't want to be patient for the programmers to finally release the update to the public. A piece of good news is that a forum moderator has stated that it should all be in place before the end of May.

The exact components of the next Clash of Clans download are still shrouded in mystery. Supercell forum moderator LachNessMeonster has slowly been posting information about what the update will entail, though it has mostly included things that won't be included. That updated forum post states there will not be a Town Hall 12, no level 13 walls, and no new hero. What it will include is a boat that needs repairing, unique improvements, an achievement called "Un-Build It," and Versus Battles.

There is also some rather huge Clash of Clans news buried within that forum post, stating that the COC update will not be taking place this week. If it turns out that all the rumors are true, then users might just see the full update in place on May 22. That's a Monday, giving the programmers a chance to take the game offline late Sunday evening (May 21) in order to make the new download available to users. It could certainly eat up a lot of hours at work for some users on that Monday.

Early on, when rumors really started up about the next available download, it was suggested that this would be the biggest improvement to the game since Clan Wars was introduced. That's a pretty big promise for the programmers to give users, especially with how popular the warring aspect of the game has become. The Versus Battles could certainly be that type of improvement if it really does allow users to pick out an opponent to challenge in the game. That could allow friends who aren't in the same clan to play against each other in a battle environment.

Some of the components that users are hoping to see in the final May 2017 Clash of Clans update are a second village that gamers can use while the first one is building or involved in a war, a new night mode that offers different facets of the game to explore, a new method to undertake battles, and new ways to earn loot (elixir and gold). There are plenty of rumors floating around about what is coming from Supercell, but with very little confirmation about what will be included, users are just going to have to be patient until that big Clash of Clans news is announced.

[Featured Image by Supercell]