June 29, 2017
Kyle Lowry’s Appearance Steals The Show During Toronto Raptors Loss

Kyle Lowry was pretty confident that he could take the Toronto Raptors far this season. Last year, the Raptors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a nail-biting game where both teams could have advanced. But many Raptors fans remember how LeBron James gave everything he had and ensured that the Toronto Raptors would not advance to the next round of the playoffs. So when the team faced Cleveland once again this year, many fans had hoped that Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan would be ready and able to defeat James and the Cavaliers.

Since it had been so close last year, many thought the team had a fighting chance to win. However, LeBron quickly showed both Lowry and DeRozan that he wanted to win and stole the show each game, sending the Raptors packing in just four games.

And while Kyle didn't play yesterday in the final game of the season, he showed up to support his team. While he showed up to support his teammates, his appearance clearly stole the show. Wearing a black turtleneck, a gold necklace on top, and a black blazer, Kyle Lowry's appearance clearly stole the show on Twitter. According to new tweets, Kyle Lowry was being compared to The Rock and various stars from the 1980s. Without knowing it, Lowry was clearly the star of social media yesterday.

Kyle probably hadn't thought about how his appearance would influence the final game of the season. He had been questionable this weekend, as the team had hoped for Lowry to feel okay to play in Game 4. But the media learned that Kyle would be sitting out Game 4 with a sprained ankle. And when he got injured, many Toronto Raptors fans lost all hope that the team could beat James and the Cavaliers and advance to the next round.

In a humorous attempt to turn things around, fans started blaming Kyle Lowry's turtle neck and poor fashion choices on the loss.

"It's all Kyle Lowry's turtleneck's fault," one person wrote on Twitter about Kyle's appearance during the Raptors' final game of this season, while another added, "Why Kyle Lowry dressed like Wesley Snipes in New Jack City."

Of course, Lowry is an interesting person to follow these days, as he becomes a free agent this summer. He doesn't have to stay with the Toronto Raptors if he doesn't want to, and he is paid substantially less than DeMar DeRozan. Unless the Raptors re-sign him with a higher salary, Kyle may leave DeMar behind and seek another team. And maybe he wants out of this particular conference so he doesn't have to face LeBron James next year should Toronto make it to the playoffs again. It is possible that he's tired of losing to him every year; LeBron has eliminated the Raptors twice now.

"Late-season rumbles that Kyle Lowry will give legit thought to a free-agent switch to the West are sure to rise in volume after this series," Marc Stein of ESPN has said, according to Bleacher Report about Kyle's future with the Toronto Raptors.

Lowry hasn't said much about his plans, and some experts speculate that he will end his contract with the Raptors and re-sign with the team for a higher amount. Maybe he knows he can more money from Toronto. On the other hand, fans love him in the city, and maybe he will consider staying even though he may not get more money.

What do you think of Kyle Lowry's fashion choices during Game 4? Are you surprised that Twitter mocked his appearance as the team was losing to Cleveland, sending Toronto out of the NBA playoffs for good?

[Featured Image by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images]