June 29, 2017
'Teen Mom 2' Dad Jeremy Calvert Responds To Cheating Allegations, Is He Back With Leah Messer?

Jeremy Calvert is speaking out against the rumors claiming he cheated on his former fiancée, Brooke Wehr.

On Instagram days ago, Wehr shared a screenshot which she claimed proved the Teen Mom 2 star and her best friend had been carrying out an affair for the entirety of their relationship. In response, Calvert spoke to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, revealing that while he and the friend did hook up, their rendezvous did not take place during the time he and Wehr were dating.

"At the time we hooked up, I was single," Calvert said. "This happened last winter, and Brooke was with someone else at the same time. We were broken up, and I never thought Brooke and I would get back together."

"We did it one time and it was over," he continued. "Afterward, Brooke and I got back together and it was kind of awkward, so [Brooke's friend] and I kept our mouths shut."

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Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr began dating in 2015, months after Calvert accused his former wife, Leah Messer, of cheating on him with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd. However, Calvert and Wehr's romance was up and down and the couple frequently parted ways before becoming engaged during a vacation in Maryland in late 2016.

Months after their engagement, Wehr claimed on Instagram that Calvert had cheated on her with several women, including a Teen Mom 2 producer. She then returned to Instagram at the end of last month with new allegations of her former fiancé's reported infidelity.

Jeremy Calvert also addressed the rumors going around which suggest he and his ex-wife, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter Adalynn, are back together. As fans may have seen, Calvert and Messer posed for numerous photos over the weekend after being spotted together at a bar in West Virginia.

"This past weekend, I went to the bar by myself because basically everyone in town was at a concert that was going on in Charleston," Jeremy Calvert explained to The Ashley. "After the concert, everyone started coming into the bar including my friends and [Leah Messer] and her friends. It wasn't planned or anything, it just happened we went to the same place. So everyone told us to take a picture together. So we did and we posted it."

Leah Messer shared two photos of herself and Jeremy Calvert on Instagram, and right away fans assumed they were giving their relationship another shot.

"I was single, so I didn't see anything wrong with taking an innocent photo with my ex-wife," he added. "We have a child together, and we're not going to start screaming at each other or anything. We get along and we act like mature adults for our kid."

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer got married in April 2012 and welcomed daughter Adalynn in February 2013. Then, in June 2015, their divorce was finalized and they both moved on from the marriage as they continued to film Teen Mom 2.

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Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer may get along but when it comes to a reconciliation, Calvert has no plans for any such thing and told The Ashley that he and Messer were "strictly friends."

"If I run into my ex-wife, we're going to act like mature adults for the sake of our child. If people don't understand that they can kiss my a**," he added.

Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert, and their family are expected to return to MTV sometime later this year for the eighth season of Teen Mom 2.

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