June 29, 2017
Duante Dier Controversy: YouTube Star From Dormtainment Channel Accused Of Beating Pregnant Girlfriend

Duante Dier is accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend, with an audio tape allegedly revealing that the YouTube and Six Guys One Car star attacked the woman.

The audio surfaced on Friday allegedly showing the star of the Dormtainment channel in a physical confrontation. The tape was posted on the site Diary of a Hollywood Street King, which also uploaded the alleged attack onto YouTube.

In addition to the audio, the report also posted a picture of a court report that appeared to be a hearing for spousal abuse as well as an application for an emergency protection order against Dier. There is no verification, however, if the documents are legitimate or if they reflect the allegations that Duante Dier abused his pregnant girlfriend.

Dier, who goes by Tay Dier on the YouTube channel Dormtainment, is one of six members of the comedy team. They have more than 1 million subscribers and have spun off into their own television show.

In a 2015 interview with IndieWire, Duante Dier said that the Dormtainment group actually lived together, which helped develop their comedy.

"I think that when you're doing a funny story, you've got to design it to have as much conflict as possible. And this has the most conflict possible," he said. "With six guys living together you get to really see our personalities and how we interact. So I feel like it's a story that we will continue, even if it's not a necessity."

As fellow Dormtainment member Amanuel Richards added, the team actually considered other avenues before finally deciding to start a YouTube comedy channel.

"When we first started this back in college, we went through a plethora of ideas before we landed on this. We had no idea that it was going to end up being comedy. We started off saying hey, we could start a non-profit to do creative workshops for kids. What we found out was that you needed profit to start a non-profit. We took a step back and after some other ventures, we said let's try this new digital thing. You could just start your own channel and get a little buzz, and we fell in love with it."

In addition to the popular YouTube channel, the Dormtainment team also developed the show Six Guys One Car for Comedy Central, which was renewed for a second season as part of the cable network's push to pull more content already familiar with YouTube audiences.

The Dormtainment team has also been seen as a major break for black comedians, earning praise for their creativity and showing that black men working in comedy do not have to be relegated to supporting roles. The team has uploaded a variety of videos, with many garnering 1 million views.

Although the group found their big break on YouTube, they often identify as entertainers rather than YouTube stars, the Daily Dot noted.

As Duante Dier told the outlet, the group took great measures to keep creative control over their work, which stretched across the video-sharing format to television and live shows.

"When you make videos that are more about you, or more about your style," explains Tay, "you can go to TV because you just take your style and put it on TV. We do live shows, and people come to live shows, and they're not going to expect a vlog; they expect an extension of ourselves."

Dormtainment has been less active on YouTube lately, with their last video being uploaded four months ago.

So far, YouTube star Duante Dier has not made a public statement in response to the allegations that he beat his pregnant girlfriend.

[Featured Image by Comedy Central]