June 29, 2017
‘Fairy Tail’ Manga 527: Mavis Protects Magnolia From August, Natsu From Zeref?

Chapter 527 of immensely popular Fairy Tail Manga continues with the most critical battle for the series. The result of the fight between E.N.D. Natsu and his brother Zeref could very well decide the direction in which Fairy Tail manga is headed.

[Warning: Manga Fairy Tail Chapter 527 spoilers/recap and Chapter 528 speculations head]

In the previous chapter, one of the two epic confrontations seemingly came to an end. While August had managed to rile up Gildarts, the latter did manage to decipher how the last remaining member of the Spriggan 12 had managed to nullify all the magic and spells that were cast on him. Using his newfound knowledge, Gildarts and his daughter Cana may have killed August. Unfortunately, Fairy Tail mangaka Hiro Mashima didn't explicitly indicate if August was killed.

The biggest revelation in the previous chapter was that Lacarde wasn't Zeref's son. He was merely an experiment that turned out to be near perfect. Surprisingly, it was August, who was the son of Zeref and Mavis, and was named after the month in which his parents came together.

The current chapter of Fairy Tail manga jumps right into the battle between Zeref and Natsu. Having no emotions for Lacarde, Zeref mercilessly strikes his creation and obliterates him. Shockingly, Zeref also notes that he has no family. As expected, Natsu is pretty riled up with Zeref's behavior, and strikes a powerful blow, sending his opponent flying across the large hall.

The next panel takes readers back to the fight between Gildarts and August, which many fans presumed was won by the former. However, despite his apparent defeat, August rises from the rubble. Although his earthly form has been obliterated, August confirms that his Majesty saved his life. August adds that even though his body is destroyed, the strongest mage among the Spriggan 12 has enough power to take the whole world down with him. As expected, August unleashes his power, and starts to "disintegrate" his enemies, which apparently is the entire mankind. August offers his life, or whatever is left of it, as a sacrifice to ensure the powerful spell works.

Consequentially, August's "Ancient Magic, ARS = Magia" spell starts to evaporate the blood of living beings and has the potential to melt the Earth. Although suffering from the effects of the spell, Erza telepathically urges everyone within Magnolia to transform their magic into defensive magic power to counter the effects. She warns that Magnolia is about to disappear, but before she is able to send out the message, the connection gets severed, and the town appears to break apart. Erza wonders who could possess such magic power, and logically settles on August.

Surprisingly, the sight of his mother, Mavis, standing in an alley and dying with everyone else causes August to abruptly stop the spell, allowing the civilians to breath again. Unfortunately, having used up all his power, August disintegrates in midair, having a very strong remorse of never getting a chance to hug his mother. Right after August vaporizes, his child-like apparition seems to call on Mavis, but quickly disappears just as Gray and Lucy arrive. They inform that the Fairy Tail Guild warriors are still fighting the enemy forces in the southern part of town, and appear to have gained an upper hand. In the earlier chapters, Mavis had telepathically summoned the duo for an emergency meeting. In the current chapter, Mavis reveals that she was once captured by Zeref, and managed to escape with "The Book of E.N.D."Mavis claims that Natsu will surely triumph over Zeref. Gray adds that once Natsu emerges victorious, he would finish off the dark mage. Shockingly, Mavis adds that when Zeref is destroyed, Natsu will have to rely on the "power of all his friends" to survive. She cautions that until the battle is over, no one should go near the Guild.

The scene shifts back to the Fairy Tail Headquarters, where Zeref appears completely lost or surrendered to his Ankhseram Black Magic. Shockingly, the magic gets stronger when the person under its spell completely forgets the value of a human life. At the other end, Natsu declares that whatever bond they may have had as brothers was now gone. Hence, it is inevitable that an all-out fight-to-the-death will ensue in the upcoming Chapter 528 of Fairy Tail, titled "Evil Dragon."

While Zeref's insanity and lack of emotions can destroy Etherious Natsu Dragneel (E.N.D.), the latter could manage to evoke some emotions and halt the former. Interestingly, Chapter 528 of Fairy Tail manga could also show Mavis using the Book of E.N.D to protect Natsu. As mangaka Masihma mentioned earlier in the chapter, she will have to rely on Natsu's friends to save him.

[Featured Image by Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail Manga/Kodansha]