May 17, 2017
Zach And Tori, From 'Little People, Big World,' Lose Their Beloved Dog, Sully

Fans have gotten to know Zach and Tori's Bernese Mountain dog, Sully, during the last few seasons of Little People, Big World. The couple clearly doted on the beautiful dog, and he was often with them, especially when they were spending time at the family farm. Matt Roloff, patriarch of the Little People, Big World family posted recently to his Facebook page the shocking news that the dog recently passed away.

"Wow! I'm still in shock and stunned by the sad news back home...Zach and Tori's precious dog Sully suddenly caught some ferocious cancer and within days we lost him... so very very sad.

"It's difficult because I'm 3,000 miles away in Belize while all this unfolded.. but my heart is back home while Zach and Tori adjust the the sudden loss of their amazing puppy. We love you will always be in our hearts!"

Matt has been vacationing in different areas of South America, including the small, but beautiful island, Roatan. Besides posting the sad news concerning Sully, he also took some time earlier to share with Little People, Big World fans what's going on with the Roloff family.
"A state of the Union Update.. so many things happening in Roloff world. Amys new amazing Pumpkin BBQ sauce. Salsa continues to go like crazy... both Zach and Jeremy expecting babies this spring.., we going to be grandparents x2... Molly's getting married this Summer on the farm and I'm secretly getting the farm ready for the ultimate wedding for my one and only precious daughter. You won't believe the private wedding plan that Molly has Asked Amy and I to execute... grad babies, weddings, boyfriends, girlfriends, new houses, exotic vacations... it's going to be a very exciting season of little people big wold... we are filming now for a May start date.. don't miss this upcoming round of shows!! Love love to you all."
Fans have been posting their condolences to the couple's Facebook page since the comment, "RIP Sully" was posted.

"For all of us who have lost a beloved pet, we know what a hole that loss leaves in our hearts and in our lives. Pass along our heartfelt sympathies," one fan posted.

Bernese Mountain dogs are beautiful animals, known for their loyalty, intelligence, and calm dispositions. Unfortunately, these dogs have a fairly short life span of approximately six to eight years. Cancer is the leading cause of death in this breed, and according to Vet Info, up to 10 percent develop cancer by six years of age.

The couple are expecting their first child, a son, and Sully was a big part of their announcement last November that there would be an addition to the family in May. Tori has been posting several updates for Little People, Big World fans on how her pregnancy is progressing, and now that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff, Zach's twin brother and sister-in-law, are expecting a baby girl in September, there will be a lot to celebrate in the coming months.

The Roloffs are one busy family, and preparing for a newborn will keep Zach and Tori busy and perhaps help to soften the blow of losing Sully. Matt shared that there will also be another Roloff wedding this summer at the farm, when daughter Molly will be tying the knot with boyfriend, Joel. The nuptials will undoubtedly be airing on either a Little People, Big World special, or on the next season of Little People, Big World, so stay tuned for updates.

Amy Roloff, the matriarch of the family, has been away from the farm as well, spending time in California and attending the premiere of Beauty and the Beast. She posted to Twitter that she has been busy with some public speaking, filming (she's most likely referring to Little People, Big World), working on a book, and has more food projects in the works.

Even though the family is spread out at this time, Zach and Tori Roloff will undoubtedly receive plenty of support from their family, their friends, and their fans. Fans can leave comments and condolences here or on the couple's Facebook page. The new season of Little People, Big World will air in May.

[Featured Image by Zach Roloff and Tori Patton - Roloff/Facebook]