March 5, 2017
What Shows Have Netflix Renewed In 2017? 'One Day At A Time,' 'The OA,' And More

Netflix has ordered a second season for One Day at a Time, a contemporary spin on the CBS sitcom that aired from 1975 to 1984, according to Deadline. Like the first season, the second season will comprise 13 episodes. Neither a production date nor a premiere date for the second season of One Day at a Time has been announced yet.

Mike Royce, the producer of One Day at a Time, celebrated the good news with a video of different members of the cast holding up a sign that says, "One Day at a Time picked up for Season 2! Azucar!!" and dancing to the theme song of the show.

Like the original CBS sitcom, Netflix's One Day at a Time is a multi-camera sitcom that centers around a divorced mother trying to raise her two children. One of the major differences the reboot has made is to turn the family into a Cuban-American family. The Netflix sitcom was fairly well-received and garnered glowing reviews from critics, as evidenced by the show's 96% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Many were surprised that new life was able to be injected into the reboot, considering the fact that the multi-camera format has gone out of fashion these past years and that recent reboots and sequels to beloved TV shows like Fuller House, The X-Files reboot, The Odd Couple, and 24: Legacy have incurred mixed reactions.

One Day at a Time, however, isn't the only Netflix original to be renewed in 2017. On February 8, Netflix announced it had renewed its sci-fi show The OA for a second season, merely eight weeks after the show had debuted on the streaming platform, according to Variety. On the same day, it dropped a teaser trailer for The OA Part II to whet viewers' appetite.

The OA was written and produced by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. Marling stars in the series as a blind girl who was abducted years ago and who returns to her suburban hometown, her eyesight mysteriously restored. The trippy show has exasperated some and flummoxed many, but it has gained quite a following among dedicated viewers.

On the same day that Netflix greenlit a second season for The OA, it also confirmed the renewal of another inventive sci-fi series, Travelers. Travelers is set in a future a few hundred years from now when humans have found ways of transporting their consciousness back into the bodies of individuals living in the 21st century. The second season of Travelers will focus on the ramifications of time-traveling and how the team of time travelers' plans to save humanity may have resulted in changes of the future they had not anticipated. Deadline reports that production of Netflix's Travelers will begin in March in Vancouver this year.

Fans of some of Netflix's newer shows are still awaiting news on whether or not those shows will be renewed for a second season. Barry Sonnenfeld, the executive producer of the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events, says that scripts have already been written for Season 2, although there hasn't yet been any news of renewal, according to Variety.

"We're planning to do more, but we haven't been greenlit to do more, but we already have scripts being written for the second season. We have the stages on hold, so we're optimistic."
And while there haven't been any news regarding a second season for the Drew Barrymore-Timothy Olyphant zombie sitcom Santa Clarita Diet, creator Victor Fresco tells Entertainment Weekly he already has ideas for Season 2, assuming that Netflix renews the show.
"With any family, crazy situations can be introduced any day, and the strength of the family will determine how they react to those situations, which is where we'll find our characters."
[Featured Image by JoJo Whilden/Netflix]