March 5, 2017
'Cash Me Outside' Girl From 'Dr. Phil' May Be Getting A Show Of Her Own

You may not know the name Danielle Bregoli, but most people with an internet connection or a fascination for Dr. Phil do know the troubled 13-year-old teen by her new nickname, the "Cash Me Outside" girl. While both Dr. Phil and Danielle's mom might agree that there's nothing funny or entertaining about the Bregoli teen's "Cash Me Outside" attitude, the internet disagrees. Seeing the speed with which Danielle's "Cash Me Outside" catchphrase has caught on, producing dozens, if not hundreds, of internet memes and YouTube parody videos, television executives are now hoping to cash in on Danielle Bregoli.

"Cash Me Outside" Girl Danielle Bregoli Gets A Makeover, But Does That Change Her Attitude?

When the world was first introduced to Danielle Bregoli, it was before she had become a sensation as the "Cash Me Outside" girl, appearing on Dr. Phil, because she was a troubled 13-year-old daughter. Her mother was at her wit's end, so she hoped Dr. Phil would help. He did but in an unexpected way. As Elite Daily reports, the Dr. Phil segment made Danielle an instant sensation.

During the Dr. Phil segment, the Bregoli teen told Dr. Phil that she steals and doesn't feel guilty about it at all. She went as far as to tell the talk show host that people should know better than to leave valuable items, such as car keys, laying around in front of her. Understandably, this line of thought generated more than a few giggles from the audience and their amusement seemed to infuriate Danielle because it was at this point that the teen said that the audience was a "bunch of hoes" and that they could "cash me outside" after the show.

Now, as that catchphrase has become immortalized in American pop culture, Danielle herself has become the center of attention and has changed everything about her appearance. In fact, glamor shots have revealed Bregoli as a completely transformed teenager, but has her tongue lost its sharp edge? If so, her future in reality TV may suffer.

Dr. Phil's "Cash Me Outside" Girl May Be The Next Reality Star

As New York Daily Post reported, Danielle Bregoli's instant rise to fame as the "Cash Me Outside" girl has piqued the interest of television producers, but not just one or two producers. Bregoli's family says the teen has been meeting with Hollywood executives from seven different production companies, each with an interest in developing a reality television series around Danielle's life.

While the online community may be excited to hear that Bregoli will soon be offering her antics on live television, her parents can't be very thrilled about their daughter's instant fame. Even before the idea that a reality show might be in the offing, Danielle's Dr. Phil behavior and her "Cash me outside, how bow dah" threats spawned videos, such as the one below.

Even before Bregoli threatened her mother (and audience members) on national T.V., the 13-year-old had a long list of troubling behavior, suggesting she may be headed towards a life of crime, violence, and prison.

Some of Danielle's more recent acts of violence involved punching a passenger aboard a Spirit Airlines flight and getting into a bar brawl in Lake Worth, Florida.

Danielle's mother told Dr. Phil she has had trouble controlling her daughter in the past, but that may be nothing compared to what happens when the "Cash Me Outside" girl has cameras filming her every move. In that situation, Bregoli may feel encouraged to show off and perform more outrageous acts to build on the attention she has already received. How bow dah?

[Featured Image by CBS]