June 29, 2017
Drew Galloway Announces Impact Wrestling Departure -- WWE Return Coming?

Impact Wrestling is currently in a state of transition and one popular fixture will not be part of the company's future.

Former Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway took to Twitter on Sunday evening to announce his departure from the organization. Galloway, previously known as Drew McIntyre in the WWE, joined then TNA Impact Wrestling in January, 2015, and enjoyed a successful two-year run as a prominent fixture on the roster.

Galloway will not struggle to find work now that he's no longer associated with Impact Wrestling. A big time name on the independent circuit around the world, Galloway has held championship gold in virtually every promotion he has performed for since leaving the WWE: Evolve, What Culture Pro Wrestling (where he's the current heavyweight champion), Insane Championship Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Guerilla are just some organizations Galloway has competed for.However, a WWE return cannot be ruled out for the former "Chosen One." While competing for WWE as Drew McIntyre from 2009-2014, Galloway captured WWE Intercontinental and WWE Tag Team (with Cody Rhodes) gold with the promotion.

On two separate occasions in recent weeks, Galloway had indicated his preference to remain with Impact. First, Galloway told the Dirty Sheets podcast in December that he's negotiating a new deal with Impact but other offers had come up with other companies. He also brought up an injury that he's taking into account.

"My contract is up after these (January) tapings but in February, officially. We are talking and trying to figure things out. I'd be lying if I said that there weren't some offers there that I really have to think about and consider. I have to consider my future and my family's future. I am only 31, but that (neck) injury obviously gave me a little fright. I'm happy doing what I'm doing now and I'm happy with the relationship we have."
Last month, Galloway appeared on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast and reiterated his point from the month before.
"My contract comes up in like three weeks. We're currently in talks. I really hope things work out the way I want them to work out… we just have to figure things out. There's obviously people reaching out, but I'm just hoping things work out the way that I hope they work out because I'm having such a good ride right now."
However, with his departure official, any organization is fair game for the Sinister Scotsman.

In fact, Galloway discussed his stint in WWE and the opportunity he had to reach the next level -- a feud with Undertaker. However, he says that despite his in-ring talent, his aesthetic appearance and other key elements would not have made for a believable match or feud.

[Image by WWE]

With over two years of work outside the WWE under his resume, Galloway believes he has evolved as a performer, something that would make for a good program with any competitor -- even Undertaker.

"I was supposed to work with him back in the day, and I remember talking to Vince about it, potentially working [with] Taker. And I remember talking to Hunter about it, and pointing out that I was aggressive and getting the job done in the ring, but not quite looking how I wrestled. I didn't get it. When I watch myself, how young I looked and how I was a lot smaller, my ring stuff is fine and that's a big part of it and a lot of people focus on that more than the other aspects. But you got to remember that you have to look believable, and I'm a believer in getting it done in the ring and looking the part and every aspect being covered. Back then, it would not have looked believable with me going toe to toe with the Taker."
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