January 27, 2017
'Furious' Rihanna Blasts 'Desperate' Jennifer Lopez, Accuses Her Of Dating Drake As A 'Scam' [Report]

Rihanna is allegedly accusing Jennifer Lopez of dating Drake as a publicity stunt to get attention.

Sources close to Rihanna are claiming that the pop star is "angry" with her ex and has supposedly been telling friends that she thinks Jennifer is dating Drake as a "media scam" amid reports she and Lopez are allegedly now caught in a nasty feud over the rapper.

That's according to accusations made by an insider close to Rihanna, who revealed to Stock News USA that the star reportedly believes that Drake and Rihanna's widely reported romance is a "masquerade" to fool fans into believing that they're dating after Lopez recently confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that she and the rapper have a duet coming soon.

"Rihanna is spreading the rumor that Jennifer and Drake are involved in a 'media scam,'" a source said, claiming that Rihanna thinks Lopez and Drake's relationship is all an elaborated publicity stunt.

Jennifer Lopez & Rihanna backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards
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"[Jennifer] is so desperate for attention," continued the source of what Rihanna supposedly told friends after seeing Lopez and Drake's recent very public displays of affection on social media and on highly-publicized date nights, adding that Rihanna had supposedly accused Jennifer of "planning an entire 'masquerade'" for attention.

Rihanna has not officially commented on Jennifer and Drake supposedly dating, though she notably split with the rapper back in October after People reported that the couple had actually been "secretly dating" for several months before seemingly going public by confirming that they were dating at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards.

The latest reports claiming that Rihanna has been throwing a serious diss at Drake and Jennifer as their rumored romance continues to hit the headlines, come shorty after Hollywood Life reported that Rihanna was unhappy with her ex dating Lopez, who now appears to be her former friend.

According to a Rihanna source, she believes that Drake has been "flaunting" Lopez to hurt her knowing that she and Jennifer used to be such good friends, as Rihanna even sent her Home co-star a pair of boots from her footwear collection with Manolo Blahnik last year, which People reported, she then wore in the music video for "Ain't Your Mama."

"[Rihanna is] really angry with Drake," the site's source said of how Rihanna allegedly really feels about Drake and Jennifer Lopez dating just weeks after her and the rapper's breakup. "It feels like he's flaunting his relationship with [Jennifer], knowing it would hurt her."

Hollywood Life's source also went on to claim that Drake has left Rihanna feeling seriously upset since "flaunting" his relationship with Lopez prior to her reported diss, claiming that the "This Is What You Came For" singer thinks the rapper has been seriously inconsiderate about her feelings by hitting the town with Jennifer so soon after their breakup.

"Everything [Drake's] done since their split has been cold-hearted," the source said of Lopez spending time with the rapper. "[Drake and Rihanna] always had an up and down relationship but Rihanna really thought he would still at least be considerate of her feelings."

"Drake said such sweet things to her," the insider continued of how Drake treated her while they were dating prior to their breakup last year, "but now Rihanna feels like they were all lies."

Rihanna & Drake at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
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In a separate report, a source also claimed to the site that Rihanna and Drake allegedly hadn't been seeing eye to eye for a while following their breakup last year, just weeks before the singer supposedly accused Lopez or orchestrating a publicity stunt with Drake, as reported by Page Six earlier this month.

"[Rihanna] feels salty about how s*** went down in their relationship," an insider revealed of Rihanna's feelings prior to Drake stepping out with Jennifer.

"She is still mad at him for many reasons" the source continued of how Rihanna and Drake's relationship reportedly turned sour following their breakup, even claiming at the time that the star referred to her ex as being "such a jerk who won't commit and wants everything his way."

Rihanna and Drake perform during the 2011 NBA All-Star game halftime show
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But while Rihanna is yet to officially speak out about her ex dating Lopez, be their relationship authentic, a publicity stunt or "media scam," and has not confirmed the various reports claiming she's unhappy about her ex-boyfriend and former friend's relationship, though Rihanna has made her feelings for Jennifer pretty clear on Instagram.

Teen Vogue confirmed that Rihanna unfollowed Jennifer on Instagram after the former American Idol judge and the rapper cozied up to each other in photos posted online to their respective social media pages in December.

What do you think of Rihanna's alleged accusations that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are dating as a publicity stunt?

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