June 29, 2017
'Floating Ghost City' Over China Sparks Fears Of Parallel Universe Intrusion Through Interdimensional Portal [Video]

A "ghostly floating city," with towering skyscrapers, seen by thousands in the sky over a lake near Yueyang city in China, has sparked claims that a parallel universe could be intruding into ours through an interdimensional portal. However, meteorologists explained that the strange sighting was caused by "radiation fog" which partially obscured skyscrapers rising high above the city. But the sighting by thousands of tourists and residents of Yueyang, a city with a population of about one million, is being hailed by conspiracy theorists as the latest in recent years of a series of mysterious sightings of "floating ghost" cities over China.

Thousands of tourists and residents of Yueyang city in the Hunan province of southern China were shocked to see about four skyscrapers floating in the clouds after midday on January 14 near Qianmu Lake in Yueyang, according to China's state-owned Xinhua News Agency.

Many took out their phones and snapped pictures and took videos of the strange sight, according to the Daily Mail.

Hundreds later shared the images and videos on the popular Chinese social media site Weibo. The images and videos appear to show a mysterious "floating ghost city" in the sky, obscured partially by clouds.

Some people also uploaded images and footage of the "floating ghost city" to YouTube. The videos and images have been viewed by tens of thousands of curious viewers (see video above).

In the video, witnesses can be heard chattering and shouting excitedly as they filmed the strange sight.

While some speculated that the "floating ghost city" was a parallel universe intruding into ours from another dimension, some conspiracy theorists suggested that the series of sightings of mysterious "floating ghost cities" over China in recent years could mean that the NWO-Illuminati are conducting tests of the latest advanced holographic image projection technology in preparation for implementation of Project Blue Beam.

Project Blue Beam alien invasion
Sinister Project Blue Beam will simulate alien invasion, conspiracy theorists claim. [Image by 3000ad/Shutterstock]

Project Blue Beam is an alleged plan by the evil NWO-Illuminati cabal to take over the world by staging a fake alien invasion of Earth or a fake second coming of Jesus.

"Is that from another dimension?"

"Testing [Project] blue beam?"

"These buildings soon future of huge megacity!"

"This floating city in the sky was recorded over Yueyang, China a few days ago," commented UFO blogger Scott C. Waring in a recent post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog. "That is a city of about 1 million people so I am sure loads of people noticed it."

Although most viewers suggested that it was a "floating ghost city" from a parallel universe, Waring argued that it was a massive alien UFO. He argued that the UFO was using city smog to "cloak" itself. But the smog was not sufficient to "cloak" the UFO entirely and make it invisible to viewers on the ground. The structures visible in videos were those parts of the UFO that the city smog was unable to "cloak."

The aliens wanted to use the smog to cloak their UFO so that they can fly low to observe the human city closely and maybe even abduct a few humans for research purposes, according to Waring.

"I believe that this is a UFO mothership that is using the China smog problem for its own benefit so that it can make a rare appearance by flying low and doing some serious research on the humans in Yueyang city," the ET hunter wrote. "This is not the only time that such a strange event has ever occurred. It has been seen several times a year in China over various cities, last time a floating city was hovering above water."

"Also another floating city was seen in the sky that was five times bigger than the city below and very high up, looking more like an ancient castle than anything else," he added.

"Aliens are highly interested in China as you can see."
But some viewers suggested that the floating city could be yet another cased of a rare optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana. The optical illusion, which can be seen on land or at sea, occurs when light from objects at sea, such as boats, passes through layers of air heated to different temperatures by solar radiation. When the light passes through layers of air with different temperatures it becomes inverted.
But meteorologists have dismissed speculation on multiple conspiracy theory and paranormal forums that the "floating ghost city" was an alien city from a parallel universe. They also said that the latest incident was not due to a Fata Morgana optical illusion.

According to Li Dongyang, Yueyang's Meteorological Bureau deputy director, the skyscrapers were real buildings and that the appearance of a "floating city" mirage was caused by radiation fog which partially obscured skyscrapers rising high above the ground.

Radiation fog occurs most often during winter when low ground temperature causes moisture in the air above the ground to condense, Xinhua News Agency reported.

The condensed moisture created the fog that partially obscured the city skyscrapers, making them appear to distant observers as "floating ghost cities," according to meteorologists. But meteorologists were careful to point out that despite being called "radiation fog," they are not radioactive.

Radiation fog over a mountain region
Radiation fog is caused by low ground temperature that condenses moisture in the air, according to experts [Image by William Potter/Shutterstock]

Radiation fog dissipates after sunrise, experts said.

This is not the first time that a "floating ghostly city" has been seen over a large urban center in China. Thousands reported seeing a ghostly city floating over the city of Foshan in the Guangdong province of China in October of 2015. Hundreds of residents of Jiangxi also reported seeing a similar ghostly alien city floating over the city a few days after the incident in Foshan.

[Featured Image by Asmus Koefoed/Shutterstock]