Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Update: Company Assures Sufficient Supplies, How to Buy One When It Arrives?

Hemal Vora

Nintendo NES classic edition stock shortages have become a never-ending problem for the company. Since its launch fans have been eager to buy one but the lack of supply has left several fans disappointed.

The NES classic is a replica of the Nintendo's original gaming consoles from the 1980s. Currently, there is a nation-wide shortage of the NES classic consoles.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Stock Situation

On the day of its launch, Nintendo had made a statement that they knew that NES was a hot item and company would ensure a steady supply to meet customer demands.

However, the NES classic edition stocks became a never ending wait for most of the gamers. Until recently, there was no official statement from Nintendo about the situation.

President of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils in an interview tried presenting their side of the story. He revealed that the company was wrong in predicting the target audience. They were expecting 30-40 years old adults who grew up playing the classic consoles to be their target market.

Instead, NES classic edition was bought by both the yesteryear and active gamers, which lead to the supply shortages. He admitted that there was a market disconnect on the part of Nintendo.

How To Get The NES Classic Edition Consoles

Over the past few weeks, the NES Classic consoles were in stock only to be sold out minutes later. If you intend to buy one, waiting for news updates online will not help. By the time you read the article, the consoles would go out-of-stocks.

The first thing that gamers can do is to call their local stores to check the arrival of NES classic edition stocks. Keep an eye on your local Target stores as stocks there have increased to six percent as against previous two percent, as reported by CNET.

If calling the local stores is not your thing then you might want to check the NES classic stock availability on the tracking sites such as NowInStock and Brickseek. Sign up for their alerts so that you will be notified as soon as new stocks arrive.

There is one more option to buy the NES classic mini edition immediately. You can head to online retailers who are selling the consoles at Premium prices. Newegg, Amazon, Player's Choice, and Chunk Toys all have the NES classic edition in stock but are selling them at huge premium prices.

Nintendo Switch Supply Update

Meanwhile, after witnessing the Nintendo NES classic edition Stock shortages, gamers are now worried that Nintendo Switch will meet the same fate. Switch will be launched on March 3 for a price of $300 and is already open for Pre-orders.

Nintendo switch has some amazing games such as The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros Trilogy, Final Fantasy, and more.

Reggie Fils-Aime said in an interview that gamers need not worry about the Nintendo switch stocks as the company has planned to supply two million consoles on the official launch date. He further added,

"The one piece we can't anticipate is the demand side of the spectrum, but certainly from a supply, we feel like we're going to be ready this time."

This question has been troubling both, the existing and prospective NES gamers. Yes, hackers in Russia have found a way to hack the consoles but for good. The NES consoles are equipped with only 30 games, and Nintendo had clarified that the company does not intend to add more games.

Now the only thing the gamers are worried about is the availability of the consoles. Stay tuned to Inquisitr for more NES classic edition Stock updates.

[Featured Image by Nintendo]