December 16, 2016
Alan Thicke's Last Words: What Did 'Growing Pains' Actor Tell His Son From Stretcher After Heart Attack?

Growing Pains actor Alan Thicke passed away on Wednesday after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey in California with his son, Carter. The 69-year-old's death was a shock to everyone as he had kept a healthy and active lifestyle all the way up until the day he died. Thicke is survived by his three sons Brennan, Robin, and Carter, and his third wife Tanya Callau.

If you're not familiar with Alan's personal life, he married Days of Our Lives actress Gloria Loring in 1970 and the couple had two sons together, Brennan and Robin, before divorcing in 1984. Thicke began dating actress Kristy Swanson in 1986 and the two got engaged but never married.

Alan then married Miss World 1990 Gina Tolleson in 1994 and the couple gave birth to Carter before divorcing in 1999. That same year, Thicke met Callau and the two tied the knot in 2005 and remained married until Thicke's untimely death on Wednesday.

Thicke and Carter were at Pickwick Gardens in Burbank, CA, on Wednesday playing some hockey with friends when Alan was forced to take a break in the middle of the game. He told the guys that he would be fine, but Carter wasn't convinced so he told someone to call 911.

Still, Alan ensured the guys that he would be fine and encouraged them to return to the game.

When paramedics arrived, Alan Thicke was taken out on a stretcher and, according to vice president of Pickwick Gardens, Darin Mathewson, told his son, "Ah, take a shot kiddo." Thicke also instructed Carter to make sure to get the hockey rink in the background of the picture.

Those would be the last words Thicke ever muttered as he died shortly after arriving at Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.

"I was in my office [and] probably in the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game, these guys came running in and said, 'Hey, call 911. We got a guy down.' So I called immediately and went out there," said Mathewson recalled.

"In Burbank, the EMTs and the ambulance services are really fast, within a few minutes, and by the time I got out there, they were coming in."
Upon hearing of Alan Thicke's passing, many fellow actors and actresses, friends, athletes, and celebrities took to social media to express their shock and condolences for the beloved actor.Alan Thicke's son Robin also shared a touching message to his Instagram page upon learning of his father's passing.
According to PEOPLE, Robin has been the backbone for the family since Alan's death.

"He's been a rock for the family," a source close to the star told PEOPLE exclusively. "Carter is obviously still very dazed and so is their other brother. Robin is the one taking the lead and organizing everything with Alan's wife Tanya."

"He's been spearheading all of this and remained strong and is keeping the focus to help the family plow through this," the source said.

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