December 16, 2016
Katie Maloney On Mean Girl Comments: 'My Real Friends Would Disagree' With Backlash

Katie Maloney filmed the previous season of Vanderpump Rules because she thought it would be fun to document the wedding planning and the summer of her big wedding to Tom Schwartz. Thus far, the two have fought over some things in regards to the wedding, especially when it comes to the budget. While Maloney really wanted her dream wedding in the forest, Tom just wanted to do things on a budget. He was willing to spend a few thousand dollars, while Katie Maloney was getting closer to $20,000. Of course, this led to arguments, but Katie got a label that had nothing to do with her wedding. She had become the mean girl of the show.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now defending this new label, saying that she's not a mean girl. And if she was a true mean girl she doesn't think that she will have close friends or even be married. Katie got the mean-girl label because she started gossiping about Lala Kent alongside Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute.

But Maloney may have gotten the majority of the criticism, because of her own husband's comments about her. Tom revealed that he didn't like this new Katie because she would be very mean, and he preferred a very sweet wife. So when people started slamming her on social media recently, Katie decided to fight back.

"I think my real friends would disagree but thanks for the advice random stranger who I've never met," Katie tweeted to a viewer, who didn't have nice things to say about her, to which the person wrote back, "viewers call it like they see it too, I know we don't see everything but so far....."

Several people made the comment that this season wasn't all that great because Katie Maloney had become the mean girl of the group. Many people don't understand why Maloney has to be so mean to Lala. Rather than ignore the comments from viewers, Katie revealed that people should just stop watching if they didn't like the person she had become.

"But so far, you still have seen it all. Thanks for watching. It's a good season!" Katie Maloney replied, to which another person added, "It actually has been the WORST Season EVER! Can't believe how disgusted I get after watching!"

"I feel bad that someone is making you watch. Can you just say no? I will find a help line for you to call," Maloney revealed in reply to the follower, hinting that the person should just turn off the show if they didn't want to see the show.

Plus, Katie Maloney defended her actions, saying that the Bravo cameras film them all day but only show minutes out of each day. They don't capture the good and positive things, including when she's a nice person. She's faced plenty of criticism for her behavior, and she recently joked about how people's harsh comments are making her a better person.

"Hey I just live my life. I don't control what makes it and what doesn't. We film 384758338 hours and it's cut down to mins," Katie Maloney had previously tweeted in regards to the backlash she has faced over her behavior on the show, adding in a separate tweet, "Y'alls words of wisdom have really shown me how much of a s**ty person I am. If it wasn't for u telling me how fat & b***hy I am, I'd be lost."

What do you think of Katie Maloney's comments about viewers' harsh comments? Do you think she's the mean girl of the season, or do you think she's misunderstood because Bravo is only showing minutes of each day on Vanderpump Rules?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]