December 16, 2016
Lisa Vanderpump British Humor: ‘RHOBH’ Viewers Believe She Was Dissing Eileen Davidson

Lisa Vanderpump seems to have a hard time saying sorry when she hurts people around her. Unless she actually feels bad about what she has done, she won't apologize for it. On this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vanderpump learned that some of her co-stars wanted apologies from her because they were hurt by things that were said and done last year. However, Lisa wasn't eager to apologize, and she actually told her co-stars that they were crazy if they were expecting apologies to come from her. And after saying that she wasn't apologizing, Vanderpump made a joke that targeted Eileen Davidson and her husband. Since Eileen was one of the ladies wanted an apology from Lisa, viewers were shocked.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump has revealed that Americans just can't handle her British humor. Rather than apologize for hurting Davidson, she made it seem like her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars were overreacting, and they were just angry because they didn't understand her humor. Rather than own up to the fact that she had said something that had hurt her co-star, Lisa Vanderpump justified her humor by making her co-stars look ridiculous.

The comment in question has to do with Eileen Davidson. She was looking for her husband at Dorit Kemsley's 40th birthday. It was a big party, and Vinny was talking to various people throughout the night. Davidson was looking for her husband when Lisa Vanderpump made the comment that she had seen Davidson's husband with his head up someone's skirt. Eileen gave her co-star a glare, and she was clearly offended by the comment. Rather than apologize, Lisa Vanderpump admitted that she was getting herself into trouble.

"The British humor is very different. It's way more aggressive, and it can actually get you in a bit of trouble sometimes," Lisa revealed on the show on Tuesday night, but she seemed to enjoy the drama rather than apologize for it.

The Bravo network decided to do a poll to see what people thought about the comment. Based on 7,290 votes, 69 percent of voters believe that it was definitely a jab, but 31 percent believe that Lisa meant it as a joke. While Lisa might have gotten the support a few years ago, it sounds like the majority of people felt that she was purposefully trying to hurt Eileen with the comment. And Vanderpump opened up about the comment in her blog for Bravo this week.

"Yes, I was wildly inappropriate in a jesting manner when I uttered the retort to Eileen regarding Vinny, most definitely a retort to see if we could actually go a whole season dwelling on something I had said...but I think she was wise to me. She knew I was looking for a reaction, and she wasn't going to give me the satisfaction of rising to the bait. Goody, maybe there was hope for us after all. Maybe we could indulge in playful banter and relax a little," Lisa Vanderpump explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to Bravo.

"The road to the finale is full of twists and turns, but we had an amazing experience traveling together and investing in each other's lives. The dynamic changes with the integration of a new friend and actions are sometimes misconstrued. As of this moment in time, the moments that we witness now, is a rather different dynamic than where we stand today, so savor the nuances as we continue our journey," she adds.

Do you think Lisa Vanderpump's comment was meant to be hurtful or do you think it was an innocent joke?

[Featured Image by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Daily Mail]