December 16, 2016
Michael Floyd Claimed On Waivers: Former Arizona Cardinals Receiver Joins New England Patriots Following DUI

Michael Floyd was arrested for a DUI early Monday morning following the Arizona Cardinals' 26-23 road loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. According to ESPN, police witnessed Floyd's black Cadillac Escalade as it sat through two green-light cycles, with the wide receiver passed out behind the wheel.

Floyd's foot happened to be pressed on the break as he passed out in the left-turn lane at an intersection in the Old Town area of Scottsdale, Arizona, at 2:48 a.m. local time Monday morning. In order to keep things from getting worse, officers barricaded Floyd's Escalade with their cruisers prior to waking him up in order to keep the SUV from crashing.

Upon waking Michael Floyd, officers said that he seemed surprised and wanted them to move so he could drive off. He originally told officers that he was on his way to the airport to pick up his nephew, but the officers on scene said that his story changed several times.

Floyd eventually rolled down the window which led to officers smelling alcohol and noticing his bloodshot eyes. Officers had to unbuckle Floyd's seat belt and help him out of the vehicle as he was unable to do it himself. Michael eventually told police that he had been drinking "house Cabernet" on the team flight and also revealed that he was taking a blood-thinning medication.

Michael Floyd was charged with obstructing a roadway, DUI impaired to the slightest degree, DUI BAC over.08 and failure to obey a police officer. Police booked him at Scottsdale jail and then released him at 4:55 a.m.

On Wednesday, the Cardinals made the decision to release the 27-year-old former first-round pick, according to ESPN. Head coach Bruce Arians didn't want to discuss the move other than to say that it was a joint decision between him, general manager Steve Keim, and team president Michael Bidwill. However, Bidwill did speak shortly about the move from the NFL owner meetings."It's a statement," Bidwill said. "We had a difficult decision to make there."

"Coach Arians talks to all of the team after games, before bye weekends and around holidays," Bidwill added. "He always makes sure that he emphasizes what our standards are, which is don't be 'the guy.' And also to be focusing on what you're supposed to be doing for the team."

On Thursday, the New England Patriots made the decision to claim Michael Floyd on waivers. That means because of his DUI, Floyd will now go from a 5-7-1 Arizona Cardinals team that has a difficult road ahead of it in order to make the playoffs to the Patriots, who have the best record in the NFL at 11-2.

Floyd not only will get the opportunity to play in the playoffs, but he will also get to catch passes from future NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady as opposed to the struggling Carson Palmer. Obviously, Floyd will likely face some sort of punishment from the NFL and also from the courts, but as far as his career goes, Michael Floyd actually benefits from his decision to drink and drive.

[Featured Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]