December 16, 2016
Christ! Who Other Than Jesus Was Born On Christmas Day?

Discard the tinsel, take down the tree, forget about the turkey, giveaway the presents, and you're left with the bare bones of Christmas, which fundamentally are all about the celebration of one person's birthday. Yet putting God's only son to one side for a moment, who else apart from Jesus Christ was born on Christmas day?

Jesus Christ
"What could this apple possibly mean?" [Image by Hulton Archive/Getty Images]

Sir Issac Newton

Old Issac revolutionized the world through science and was the first scientist to receive the honor of being buried in Westminster Abbey when he died on March 20, 1727.

Born on Christmas day in 1642, Sir Newton defined the laws of motion and universal gravitation after an apple fell on his head. Issac made it his business to invent integral calculus and is worshiped by mathematicians to this day. On top of all that Newton also constructed the first reflecting telescope and you could describe him as the patron saint of modern science.

Jesus Christ
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Humphrey Bogart

He was no angel, but the Casablanca star was born on Christmas Day, 1899. Considered by many as the greatest male actor of all time, Bogart appeared in 75 films, the most notable being The African Queen, The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, and of course, Casablanca.

During his lifetime many people suggested that Warner Brothers fabricated Bogart's birthday at Christmas to add some mystery to his background. It turns out they didn't and the great actor did indeed share his birthday with Jesus.

Interestingly, Bogart was said to be something of a master at the game of chess and was a maestro of the French Defense. Play it again Sam!

Conrad Hilton

If it wasn't for the birth of Conrad Hilton on Christmas Day in 1887, the world would have never experienced the delights and talents of Paris Hilton. The socialite's great grandfather founded the international chain of hotels which bear his name.

Quite apt for someone born on Christmas day, the multi-millionaire who built his empire from scratch, was also a firm believer in his mother's philosophy that "Prayer was the best investment he would ever make."

Jesus Christ
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Quentin Crisp

The gay icon and author of The Naked Civil Servant would be considered a sodomite in the era of the old testament, but it is a fact nevertheless that Quentin Crisp shares the same birthday as Jesus Christ.

Quentin was a big fan of the Messiah who shared his birthday and in his book How to Have a Life-Style, the daring Dandy refers to Jesus Christ as the greatest stylist that ever lived.

Annie Lennox

The Scottish singer-songwriter and former singer of the Eurythmics who loves "Walking on Broken Glass" was born on Christmas Day, 1954. She once sung a song called, "I Saved the World Today," which seems to suggest the aging songbird might just be harboring a messiah complex.

Sissy Spacek

Best known for her breakthrough role as Carrie White in the 1976 horror flick Carrie, little Sissy was also born on the day of days, in 1949, Quitman, Texas. She also appeared in the cult films Badlands, which inspired the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name.

Interesting fact. When Sissy was cast as a young teen in Carrie, she was actually 26. What can you say? God gave her good genes.

Rod Serling

The "angry young man" of Hollywood and creator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling perhaps got his fondness for strange stories as a result of sharing his birthday with the son of god.

According to fellow Twilight Zone writer Richard Matheson, only Serling was allowed to use the word 'God' in his scripts. It was off-limits to the rest of the writing team.

"I used to get ticked off at Rod because he could put 'God' in all his scripts. If I did it, they'd cross it out."
The exact meaning behind this mystery has never been explained.

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