December 16, 2016
Megyn Kelly: President Obama Is Hypocritical About Russia

Megyn Kelly was, once again, angry this evening on The Kelly File. She began Thursday night's episode with an accusatory tone.

"President Obama is vowing to 'take action' against Russia for interfering with the United States election -- a threat that comes just hours after reports that he was well aware of Russia's threats months ago, but intentionally kept the information quiet since he thought Hillary was going to win."
Kelly noted that the fact Obama knew about Russia comes after the White House unleashed a string of allegations against Donald Trump with Press Secretary Josh Earnest claiming that Trump not only knew about the Russian interference, but that the president-elect actually encouraged it.

Kelly soon showed a video of Trump spokesperson Kellyanne Conway addressing the situation.

"That is breathtaking [the charges]. I guess he is auditioning to be a political pundit after his job has ended," Conway indicated in an interview, adding that Earnest acted incredibly irresponsible.

Megyn Kelly then turned the show over to correspondent Catherine Herridge, who said Fox News can declare that Russia cyber-targeted influential people in the summer of 2015. These actions were sanctioned by the highest levels of the Russian government. Herridge also indicated, as Kelly did, that new reports suggest the White House intentionally kept quiet about the Russian hacks.

CNN tried to explain why Obama didn't come forward about this until now.

"Obama administration officials dispute that the internal debate was slowed by anything other than the deliberate work of law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They say that the administration had to let the investigation take its course before making a policy response."

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly doesn't think Obama administration is being truthful about why they didn't initially reveal Russia's involvement with hacking. [Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]

Megyn Kelly, who isn't buying that explanation, then had New York Congressman Peter King and a CIA-trained retired officer, Tony Shaffer, on her show to discuss the situation. She asked King what the latest information was after he met with Donald Trump at the Trump Towers earlier on Thursday.

"I discussed with him what I told you last night -- that there has been no evidence brought to our attention and the Intelligence Committee never told us anything indicating that the Russians, who I believe were involved in hacking, were attempting to favor Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton," King forcefully explained, adding that he was told that the Russian's purpose was to disrupt and put a cloud over the election.

King believes the Intelligence Committee is taking sides against the incoming president. He stressed how unprofessional they were acting.

Kelly then turned her attention to Tony Shaffer, who said he is skeptical about the whole situation, especially because there isn't any really new evidence. Kelly added that the CIA will give weight to the claims by saying the evidence hurt Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump.

"We don't know that the Podesta hacks [the damaging ones on Clinton] came from Russia," King told Kelly, adding that the CIA didn't make any inferences about the hacks until after Hillary lost the election.

President Obama
Obama is being criticized for not being truthful about information on the Russian hack. [Image by Bloomberg for Getty Images]

Shaffer summarized that the CIA was just trying to insert themselves into domestic politics. He believes that many of the hacks could have come from an insider who had nothing to do with Russia. He even said that someone inside the DNC could have given all those emails to Julian Assange.

Do you think Press Secretary Josh Earnest is just trying to undermine the election of Donald Trump, or does he have good points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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