December 16, 2016
Who Will The New Day Lose Their WWE Tag Titles To? Three Teams That Could Pull It Off

The New Day is fast becoming one of the WWE's most popular tag team champions. This is pretty much evident due to the fact that the company has let The New Day become the longest reigning tag team champions in their history. A lot of fans are not too keen with the record being broken by The New Day and can just blame the lack of talent in the tag team division. While The New Day is currently riding high on this unbelievable streak, some rumors persist that The New Day will lose those titles in the upcoming months.

According to A.V Club, the WWE is not really too keen on The New Day and is just making sure that they erase the previous holder of the tag team streak, The Demolition. It is said that the WWE is currently undergoing a lawsuit battle with the said tag team which means that The New Day is just at the right place at the right time. This is pretty evident with the fact that the WWE has done little to address this fact which is odd considering that this is a definite story arc gem. Well now that the New Day has gotten the record, it looks like the company is going to move on from The New Day with some teams on the horizon.

According to Forbes, here are the best bets when it comes to dethroning the long-reigning tag team champions, The New Day.

Cesaro and Sheamus

Sheamus and Cesaro is an unlikely pairing that the WWE just love to make tag teams off. While some of these pairings did not quite pan out (Kenzo Suzuki and Renee Dupree). Others actually have managed to become tag team icons (Rock and Sock Connection). The good news about Cesaro and Sheamus is that fans are warming up to them quite nicely and is a good way to keep two major superstars happy with some straps around their waists. Right now, Sheamus and Cesaro looks like on their way to grabbing the belts from The New Day.

Fans should not be surprised to see Sheamus and Cesaro wrest those belts away at WWE Roadblock where they are set to tangle. As fans start clamoring over Cesaro and Sheamus, The New Day's tiresome act may finally be put to rest.

The Revival

Another contender to put an end to The New Day's historical streak is The Revival. While Cesaro and Sheamus may be at the front of this task, the WWE may just try to inject some new blood in the faltering WWE division. The Revival is one of those teams that has the ability to capture fan's attention and has the tools and charisma for a deep tag team run. The article states that the WWE could introduce the former two-time NXT Champions with a bang by suddenly beating The New Day for the tag titles in a huge upset. Hotshot Newcomers beating the longest reigning tag team champions in history might just be too juicy of a storyline for the WWE to pass up.

Reigns and Rollins

Main eventers getting paired up is nothing new for the WWE. In fact, over at SmackDown, they have Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Most observers feel that this is a good way to keep these main eventer's names hot so that the company can rejuvenate their storylines. Seth Rollins will definitely need this so as to avoid plummeting his stock further down with the emergence of current champion Kevin Owens. The WWE can definitely capitalize with the vulnerable "frenemies" tag team champions arc between former stable mates turned bitter rivals Reigns and Rollins. Who knows, this could be a good way to turn Seth Rollins back to his heel self with a little deception. Beating The New Day could be in the duo's future.

The truth is, The New Day's act is getting quite tiresome. And now that The New Day has completed WWE's task of getting their revenge on Demolition. It is only a matter of time before those tag titles of The New Day change hands.

[Featured Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]