December 16, 2016
Seungri Of BIGBANG's Girlfriend Was A Japanese Hostess? Alleged 'Ex-Girlfriend' Tells All In New Interview

BIGBANG's Seungri has got a lot of explaining to do. There's a mysterious Japanese hostess who is claiming to be his girlfriend, Koreaboo reports.

According to Koreaboo, a Japanese newspaper named Shukan Bunshun has published an interview with a woman who claims that she started dating the Kpop idol in 2013.

If you're willing to believe her, the interview sheds some light on how BIGBANG's Seungri operates when he's not on stage performing.

The Japanese woman who chose not to reveal her name said that she met Seungri in Japan at a membership only karaoke bar. Here's what she had to say about the day that they met.

"Seungri took the bullet train from Nagoya to Tokyo and immediately went to 3 bars with a group of girls," the unidentified woman alleges. "They rented out a Korean restaurant and when they started eating and drinking a lot, he told the owner, 'If it has to do with money, I have it!'"


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Seungri's alleged Japanese ex-girlfriend also made some damaging statements about his behavior, especially when he's consuming alcohol.

"His behavior is bad when he drinks. He gets any hostess he can so there are a lot of bad girls," she claimed. "He calls a lot of girls over at the karaoke bar and takes home the person he likes. He plays like a super rich (bubble era) famous Japanese person."

As All Kpop reports, the woman in question claims that she dated Seungri for over a year. According to AKP, she also said that on the night they met, she told him she was a big fan and gave him her number.

She said he called her later and asked her to meet him in his hotel.

"At first he was suspicious and took my cell phone away. But when I started to talk about my work, he complimented me, saying, 'You work hard'" she said. "We then went into the shower together. He would sing Justin Timberlake songs. We always met at a hotel. Meals were always room service -- like sandwich or curry, simple stuff."

A previous article by Shukan Bunshun had previously noted that Seungri had entered his hotel with a model on December 5 after BIGBANG's concert the night before, AKP notes. At the time, that model was not identified either.

Most of Seungri's fans on Twitter don't seem too perturbed by the 'scandal.'

But interest in one's personal life is something that comes with being in the public eye.

Seungri (real name: Lee Seung-hyun) has previously talked about what it's like dealing with fame and the pressure to be successful all the time.

"It wasn't an easy feat for BIGBANG to reach ten years," he said in an interview on SBS's Flower Crew, as reported by Soompi. "You come to be thankful for everything that happened in those ten years. It was hard work finding my own success among members who all do so well."

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